Reznor: "I'm not a huge fan of Sony", but likes Wii and 360

Koku Gamer writes: "Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has revealed that he's "not a huge fan of Sony" and that he likes what he's seeing from the Xbox 360.

Reznor made the comments in this interview. He was talking about the possibility of releasing a downloadable game through consoles:"

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mau643942d ago

don't really care too much for him

xcox3942d ago

it's about as relevant as reading a game review from oprah

"... oprah thinks it's a bad idea to have 256+256 instead of 512MB unified, so now, jump in!"


3942d ago
TheOutsider3942d ago

HA HA This jackasses band sucks so much he needs publicity! ha ha and how do you get it? Attack the most superior system out there!! GO away with your sorry worthless band already!!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3942d ago


I have Heard of the xBox 360...Not my type of Games Console!!! ;-D

Biggunz3942d ago

I think he has had his crown of sh!t on for too long.

3942d ago
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Chris Evans3942d ago

Good old Reznor, always speaks his mind!

SnuggleBandit3942d ago

omg now i hate my ps3! wow this is some goos azz news haha

lowcarb3942d ago

You guys have never heard of nine inch nails? Are you kidding me?

Montrealien3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

the thing many (enthusiasts) seem to not recognize is Sony the corporation work like MS in many ways. They are always jumping to Microsoft's neck for trying to take over the software world by buying out companies ect, but when it comes to entertainment, what Sony has been doing the last 30 years is exactly that. And because of Son'sy aggressive attack on everything media in the last 30 years or so and knowing Trent Reznor because I have been a huge fan of NIN since I got my cassette of Pretty Hate Machine, I am not surprised at all that Trent reznor, the artist, is not being a big fan of Sony, the corporation.

I am not defending MS or attacking Sony here, just calling it as I see it.

chaosatom3942d ago

And this is news because.......

People like flambait?

3942d ago
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ThanatosDMC3942d ago

Who's this guy? Also, isnt that the Borat picture.

Microsoft Xbox 3603942d ago

Good old Reznor. Wait.....what? Who the hell is this guy? Nine inch nails?

hades073942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Flamebait indeed, especially when Kokugamer takes one tidbit from a much larger interview at Joystiq. In the full interview he states that he prefers classic arcade gaming over anything produced today.

He also talks about how video games are "a fairly new form of maturing entertainment that really are art forms". Why couldn't they grab that quote and spin it positively?

raztad3942d ago

This is funny as hell.

If Sony can "survive" w/o Valve love I dont think this guy is going to make any difference. BTW, who is this guy?

eagle213942d ago

I can't even name one nine inch nails song. Everyone has their "fans". Plenty to go around. :)

Gish3942d ago

Trust me... even if you are a teenager, you know NIN songs. He is a pretty badass artist, pick up downward spiral or pretty hate machine.

MNicholas3942d ago

Microsoft definitely isn't broadening their audience by getting this guy involved.

hay3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Don't know Reznor? And I thouhgt I live in a third world country...

But I'm not really sure how important his preferences are concerning consoles in the gaming world... Also judging by the comment, he doesn't really know what's going on in the console business.

evrfighter3942d ago

PS3 fanboys are really showing their age here. I thought only the older crowd bought ps3's?

If your over the age of 22 and have never heard of Nine Inch Nails. You must have been livin under a rock in high school. I personally didn't listen to their music. But even I know who they are.

Tony P3942d ago

Eh, I found it pretty relevant to gaming. But you have to read the whole interview instead of just the sensationalist quotes.

Marceles3942d ago

Rage Against the...Ma.c...h.....don't know any NIN music

RememberThe3573942d ago

lol I almost spit out my cheese burger.

nycredude3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

WHo the fu**? How is this news? Is he a developer? Why should I care?


Every company's goal is to create a situation where they control their industry, albeit legally. However to pretend like Sony is doing it to MS's level is absurd. There are much more competitors in Sony's hardware industry than there will ever be in MS's.

Sony has a long term plan with a vision and that plan includes providing their user base with the best available games and content that is only available on their console, as well as multiplatform games. They knew that in order to do it they would need their own studios to achieve this goal so they went out and implemented.

You don't really expect them to outsource all of their programming needs do you? They are a hardware company so obviously they need to acquire software capability to work with their hardware.

I'm happy for SOny cause their plan seems to be working and in the end I get more great games to play, just like last gen.

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madpuppy3942d ago

I guess you would have to like the 360 and the Wii, they are exercises in frustration and angst. the perfect thing to get you in the mood to write dark, brooding music.

HDgamer3942d ago

Or people don't listen to that genre of music. You wouldn't know who triple six mafia was without looking up the name on the internet.

PROFIT3942d ago

it must be dumasstime, i LIIIIIIke

Gish3942d ago

Anyone that hasn't heard the song Closer "I want to F*** you like an animal... " Has no sense of pop culture. You don't have to listen to industrial to know that song.

HDgamer3942d ago

Again people have different tastes in music. I don't even know who this guy is and I've heard of nine inch nails but never listened to them at all. Not even once without knowing it.

caladbolg7773942d ago

... and Tina Turner prefers Cocoa Puffs to Rice Krispies. Who gives a flying ****?

Crimsonite3942d ago

but please dont insult trent.he is one of the most respectable artists out there.all his music he creates himself and has accomplished alot in the industrial music genre(and in music itself). of course on the other hand i dont agree as i see sony are still doing things better than microsoft is but that is my opinion.

Montrealien3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

For 20 years Sony has been on a acquisition/merger blitz. CBS records and Columbia pictures are 2 easy examples, but there are many more. I am not saying thats wrong by any stretch, just saying that Sony is as much a soulless corporation as Microsoft is. I find it funny how your typical N4G regular will actually think either of them actually care for them. And knowing how outspoken Reznor has always been against the music industry as a whole, it is easy to see why he would chose MS over sony.

That was all I was saying, and look at all the disagrees. gogo n4G!

And to everyone who feels the useless need to tell us they don't know who Reznor is, ffs, learn2use Google. Look someone up before you start badmouthing them. This is the information age for crying out loud, open another window.

menoyou3942d ago

Big surprise, a main stream celebrity likes the mainstream products for casuals.

Montrealien3942d ago

So you are saying the Playstation is not mainstream?


evrfighter3942d ago

"You wouldn't know who triple six mafia was without looking up the name on the internet. "

LoL are you serious? I thought "Slob On My Knob" was hilarious. But I referred to them as "3-6 Mafia"

aaronisbla3942d ago

but i never value the gaming opinion of celebrities although there are some small occasions that i do. Why start now and how the fvck is this news? this story is lame and its not news

FFXNo13942d ago

I like the old NIN, but th new NIN is just garbage. Him and KORN are now pure garbage. I hate the new rock that I went back and now listen to the good old Pink Floyd, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Van Halen Rolling Stones, etc. Rock is dead with this new generation garbage. Nikel back WTF is that garbage. "God save the queen"

HDgamer3942d ago

I refer to their original name Triple six mafia or their first name Criminal Mafia. To put it short those same people who claim to know anything about them can't even name their first real album or songs from that album. Studio albums aren't their first either.

evrfighter3942d ago

I honestly don't know why your goin on about 3-6 Mafia like I'm interested. I first heard that song in the mid 90's from a CD my brother had. I actually listened to that whole CD but didn't like it or them so I never cared for them much.

The point is you're saying I wouldn't know of someone from a different style of music and used an example. The fact is I have heard of them since the mid 90's.

Harry_Manback3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

I cant believe all these kids (above and below this post) whom don't know who Trent Reznor is!
Put aside your Hannah Montana cd's and open your mind to some of the best music that has ever been created.
I've been a fan of NIN since I was 13 or...when The Downward Spiral debuted. Finally got to see them live in Minneapolis back in November and it was phenomenal!
Ah, think I've had one too many cold ones tonight, I best shut up for now.

whothedog3942d ago

That was a great interview and I hope he succeeds on being able to create his game, I would love to see the ideas of a Trent Reznor game, but mostly Robs idea.

Gish3942d ago

OK, HDgamer i understand what your saying but I am sure most the people on this site have seen the movie Seven. Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman. Intro is NIN. I am just saying that most have heard the music but dont know the artist. I am VERY guilty of not knowing artists but knowing the music.

Shepherd 2143942d ago

Lol, @Microsoft Xbox 360, you must be like 12 years old, nine inch nails was before your time, they were around like 10-12 years ago. I guess they are still around but they aren't doing too hot anymore.

thesummerofgeorge3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

The question is: is it NEWS?

Consoldtobots3942d ago

to all the fanboys who are in here acting like this is earth shattering.
Reznor is a self absorbed tool who hasn't been relevant in the last 20 years. Who we gonna ask for an opinion on consoles next Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. or G.G. Allen?

there I took it back even further than this has been, fanboys need to shush.

kalikid7143942d ago

Now, when TOOL speaks their mind about ANYTHING CORPORATE.... THEN that should be news... cuz they are the antonym of sell-out or anything that to do with publicity... I couldn't even watch them online at a live concert cuz they requested not to be shown.... and since Guitar Hero, that was the first time they have licensed their music since '96.... but.. why I'm even posting this up.. I don't even know.. lol

Jamegohanssj53942d ago

To all you nooby cry babies. Trent Reznor > all. Don't try to pretend you don't know who he is. He's the only God that you all worship. He's our generation Beatles, but better.


vhero3942d ago

This is seriously news?? some guy whos in a band likes 360 and wii OMG the worlds gaming industry just changed! *insert sarcasm here*

prowiew3942d ago

Wow. Cant believe people here dont know who trent reznor is? kids?

thorstein3942d ago

He just made himself look stupid. And now my image of the musician (artist) who has never made anything in the gaming industry is diminished.

Christopher3942d ago

Hmm... releasing a downloadable game and not a fan of the console with the current least number of console sales? How strange!

HDgamer3942d ago

My point is that people listen to different music. You can't expect people to know who this artist is and what songs they made. I listened to Final six by Slayer and I have no clue who's in that group.

hardcorehippiez3942d ago

And to all the people out there slagging his music off because he likes a rival console to what you own wtf ? you may not of heard of him but his music is excellent . you should try to check some out. Me , im a musician as well and i prefer sony , what of it ? everyone has their preferences. so fu(king what. grow the hell up already. oh yea i advise you to get halo fourteen, the best of his entire career in my opinion.

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PirateThom3942d ago

Trent Reznor is the frontman of Nine Inch Nails... I say "frontman", he is Nine Inch Nails.

His reasoning confuses me, considering the games Sony are producing vs Microsoft and Nintendo.

Icemael3942d ago

I have to agree. I don't know who this guy is, and I don't see why I should care about his console preferences.

cmrbe3942d ago

and here i thought he is an important game dev that i haven't heard of.

Jamegohanssj53942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Everyone should know that I worship Trent like a god, but his comment is completely absurd. This is the first time I will argue with his statement. The reason why Trent doesn't like what Sony is doing right now is because he doesn't like how the industry over prices things; however, he should be praising Sony for not charging you to use the internet on their machine. If you notice how he mentions hacking. He saying that towards that fact that you can get chipped Wii's and 360's, but you can't do that with the PS3. That's why Trent isn't a huge fan of the PS3. Now the PS2 would probably be a totally different story. Also Trent grew up with Nintendo, so you would assume that he has some type of love for them. Don't bash Trent unless you know what he's aboot.


Knghtz3942d ago

Holy hell you guys don't know who Trent Reznor is? Dear lord...

cmrbe3942d ago

Ok i think of heard of them before but i confuse them with Korn,Stone temple pilots and alice in chains. I honestly don't know any of their lead singer though.

Not like the big bands like U2,Pearl Jam, RadioHead, REM, LIVE, Dave Mathews etc.

silvacrest3942d ago

i dont no why your defending yourself cmrbe
and i dont no why Knghtz thinks people should no this band or this guy, they maybe popular but people have different tastes so its not surprising

i could name u some rappers and singers and if you didn't no them all i wouldn't be surprised

Liquid_Ocelot3942d ago

nine inch nails... rock band right? i think i've heard about it, but don't know who the fück they are, don't care anyway... i don't fück with that type of music. But yeah, whatever. So, if this is "news" can somebody make an article about the way i feel towards Honda for stopping production of the 2005 JDM NSX-R GT...
hmm, nobody seems to give a fück about that...
fück this guy, whoever he is, this ain't news. Damn im hungry, see you guys around lol

Knghtz3942d ago

If you named a very popular rapper I'm most certain I'd know who you were talking about.

Meh, whatever. It doesn't really matter either way, I guess I was just surprised at how many people seriously didn't know who he was. I'm not sure how I got disagrees to my statement, but whatever.