AMD's Crown Jewel Pixellizes (5870X2)

Fudzilla writes:

"The almighty HD 5870 X2

It was just a matter of time before AMD's crown jewel was pixellized, and now we can take a look at the first pictures of the ATI HD 5870 X2, known also by its Hemlock codename. The pictures appeared at forum, and we are quite sure that we will see more of these pretty soon.

This card features two 40nm Cypres GPUs, a dual 256-bit memory interface and a total of 3200 stream processors. Judging by the pictures, the card needs a 6 and 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors while the exact clocks are unknown due to the fact that it could have an unacceptably high TDP and thus might have lower clocks than the HD 5870.

The card should be up and running sometime in November, at a rumoured price of around US $500."

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Pandamobile4322d ago

I might just Ebay my GTX 295 when this baby rolls around.

darkequitus4322d ago

That won't fit into my Antec Fusion Black, LOL.

Pandamobile4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

It should fit in my Coolermaster HAF 932 :)

My GTX 295 still has about 3 inches to spare before it hits the harddrive bays.



darkequitus4322d ago

I will stick with 5850. I only really use my 4870OC for batch AVCHD---> SD (for DVD)transcoding. And the odd game of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

PROFIT4322d ago

stick it to the green eyed giant, ATI.

evrfighter4322d ago

hmmmm....looks like I might have to bust out the dremel.

champ214322d ago

shouldnt be a problem for my haf 932.

this monster is definetly on my hit list.

Kakkoii4321d ago

That GTX 295 should be more than enough to hold you out until Nvidia releases their GT300 series near the end of November. It's always best to see what both teams are going to be packing in this DX11 generation before rushing into one. Nvidia's GT300 will probably be an epic change, but it might be insanely priced and you'll still go for the 5870. Or it might be fairly priced due to the pressure ATI is putting on it and you'll be glad you waited :P.

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Charmers4322d ago

that thing won't even fit in my house, never mind my PC. Still get a chuckle over the look of it and a photoshop someone did of the original batmobile and ths ATI card.

SKUD4322d ago

Insane. Looks like my XFX Radeon 4850 in terms of the casing but this one is on steroids. I mean MLB BASEBALL KIND STEROIDS!.

Perkel4322d ago

are they maad ? how fast they can get these cards ? !!

Pandamobile4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

AMD has doubled their GPU's power in just over a year. Imagine 2012/13...

Half-Life 3, or Crysis 3 fully ray-traced, voxeled, DirectX 12...

I get giddy when I think of these things :)

Kakkoii4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Yes, it is an almost double in power. But there's nothing amazing about it. The reason they were able to do this is because they have been making much smaller chips than Nvidia has for quite some time. Now this time they merged 2 of their small chips into a bigger than normal sized one and thus the double power. But still a smaller chip than Nvidia's due to lack of CUDA architecture and a difference in how their SIMD units are designed. As is visible by the fact Nvidia can compete with ATI while having a much lower shader count.

Also, double in power doesn't equal double in game performance sadly. It's only about 30-40% faster in games at most. But it's still a nice chip, but far from amazing.

Nihilism4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

thankyou kakkoi for sharing my thoughts,

i have stated that althought the 5870 is the best single gpu card, it isn't a technological marvel, the mimd and cuda archetecture should give the nvidia cards a massive advantage, possibly more so than ever before, the main argument against it is the bus width required, which will not be a problem as the new gpu's are 512bit on gddr5

the 5870's failed to achieve 30 frame average with 4AA at 1900*1200 ( crysis warhead), so for me i think it fell flat, for owners of older cards 3000 series or 8800 series cards the 5870 is absoluteley the way to go....but not for me $500+ aus for 30% over gtx thanks.

Perkel4321d ago

@ kakkoi

who gives damn thing about cuda ? EH ?

few programs that's all.

one GPU Card is almost fast as 295 ... This is big deal.

now they anounce x2 card .. they are mad..

Kakkoii4321d ago

A few? Think again:

And it's not much of an upgrade from the 295. So it isn't a big deal.
It only seems like a big deal because Nvidia doesn't have their card out yet to compare too. ATI increased their chip size a good amount for once, thus they got a much better performance increase this time around. Plain and simple.

That's why, as I said in my first comment, wait till November for the GT300, and see what it has to offer before rushing into this card. No DX11 games are coming out until at least December anyways.

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Nihilism4322d ago

that does look pretty huge, just length wise, i have have a pretty decent size atx case but i have to wonder whether it would fit

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