Beautiful Katamari on Project Natal

Microsoft are showing Project Natal during Tokyo Game Show 2009. Here's a video on how to play Beautiful Katamari on Project Natal.

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Spike474325d ago

Sony's wand and Microsoft's Natal make Nintendo look good, lol.

ape0074325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

until kojima came out and said what he said

I really hope developers mix natal in hardcore games,maybe at some segment of game,for example,you play modern warfare 2,play with 360 controller,enjoy the mission and suddenly you got do defuse this bomb quickly,you just drop your pad and control with your hands,or say commands,like "AIRSTRIKE" or hot wire in gta,or also get rid of quick time events,imagine RESI 4 events with natal or a simple scripted continues conversation in mass effect,you just say some words,lets say that mass effect 2 the developer include 1000+ voice commands to say in the game or in cinematic games like heavy rain or mgs,ms could build an entire strategy game based on voice command,don't expect voice commands to be free and infinite like milo which was fake

I have a feeling that natal may(MAY) complete your game experience(if it done right),it may bring realism to conversations,quick time events,mini segments,make desicions with your voice in hardcore games while playing with your 360 pad for the rest of the game,it really could start a revolution like kojima said,let's just wait and see

I really squeezed my brain to think of these things :)

edit:another good use,use natal to save your motion capture in your avatar,when someone connect online and scroll to his friend list,he see his friend doing different animation(I know you all think of what im thinking right now LOLOLOLO xD)

Maddens Raiders4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

do not want to do what the bloke in that video is doing. Ever.

dustgavin4325d ago

People keep talking about using the controller with Natal. I thought the big push for Natal was 'Your body is the controller'.

Microsoft Xbox 3604325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Wow that looks so mind blowing. Never seen such amazing thing in my life. My favorite part was the innovative lag and the accurately, inaccurate movements.

Kushan4325d ago

"People keep talking about using the controller with Natal. I thought the big push for Natal was 'Your body is the controller'. "

It is, but what most people seem to be fixated on is how Natal can be used with existing genres a games - games that weren't really designed with Natal in mind. The best compromise is for you to use both.
Ideally, Natal should bring about a bunch of games that simply haven't been made yet due to the controller being limiting in some way. That's the plan, anyway, we'll see what happens.

Polluted4325d ago

@Ape007: Interesting ideas, I guess, but your girlfriend/roommate/parents are going to think your some sort of crazy person if you're sitting in front of the TV talking to yourself all the time.

StayHigh4325d ago

natal is a rip off of the eye toy for the PS3..Sony ripped off nintendo with motion control..BOTH EQUAL FAIL!!

Kushan4325d ago

Anyone that thinks Natal and the Eye Toy are the same thing is sorely mistaken and incredibly ignorant. Do some research.

calis4325d ago idea of gaming is to sit and relax. I'll stick to that thanks.

If I want to move, I'll go outside like the rest of the normal world.

chaosatom4325d ago

At least from what I saw.

That made no sense to me whatsoever. It would be more frustrating than anything else.

whothedog4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

There is a difference but what everyone seems to be excited about, the PSEye can also do. And by that I mean voice recognition and facial recognition.

But yes there are differences mainly the camera itself.

and I think incorporating voice recognition in games like FPS or RPG would be cool. Facial recognition.... I don't know... I don't want to be "fake smiling" or making other gestures at my tv every time I am talking to someone in town.

lowcarb4325d ago

The whole call in air strike or for back up thing is an interesting idea. Just imagine talking and the members of your squad see you face on there screen. Natal seems like a good device for games like RB6 and Ghost recon.

Cold 20004325d ago

Hideo Kojima.

Nuff said.

Tony P4325d ago

The way I see it, at least MS and Sony are showing you how the tech could be applied to different interest games, not just the target market of their motion efforts. None of this is optimal. I'm not playing Katamari like drunk Superman, and I'm not going to MacGuyver RE5 with a light bulb looking thing and half a controller.

But it's still quite a bit more progress than was made with earlier attempts imo.

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ThatCanadianGuy4325d ago

As i'm sure you all know by now, i'm a HUGE microsoft fanboy.
But i have to admit, Natal doesn't have very good accuracy...

jack who4325d ago

forget dev only had the natal dev kit less then a mouth.

Eiffel4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I can lie too. ThatCanadianguy420.

I for one love only one console. As I'm a tool.


IMO: I know you own both consoles as do I.

Natsu X FairyTail4325d ago

I can Lie to!

I really want to play with the sony dildo looking wand and watch Blu ray Pornzz!


ThatCanadianGuy4324d ago


You mean month? Capcom had the PS: motion controller for the same time and look how accurate it was in RE5

I don't love "One" console..
I love my PSP,PS2,PS3,PC,Original Xbox.
Unlike you i don't reject reality, instead, i embrace it.
And within that reality it's clear to see that 360 is a faulty dvd player with no good games.ESPECIALLY in 09.

Hey, Dildo's aren't my thing..But if that's what you're into than all the power to ya.

I wouldn't mind some high quality blu-ray porn tho :)

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jack who4325d ago

um that kinda looked good :O? guy playing it look like his DJ'ing hmm

MaximusPrime4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

weird holding nothing but use your hand to guide the ball...

seems not too accurate either.

cRaZyLeGs 934325d ago

Imagine someone walking in on you doing that?

ape0074325d ago

driving with natal,aside from it being so stupid,your hands simply cannot shaped on air,the diameter changes a lot,that means if I get my hands closer the car will steer more???

Cold 20004325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Just imagine MGS Rising uses Natal, Kojima would find crazy ways to incorparate voice recogntion, face recognition etc into a MGS game...