IGN: Japan PS3 Slim Sales Dominate Wii, Xbox 360.

IGN:Since the beginning of September, the PlayStation 3 has outsold the Wii nearly 5:1 in Japan, with Sony's console moving 257,254 units compared to just 52,229 for Nintendo, according to an Ascii Media Works research survey. Microsoft sold just 17,716 Xbox 360 consoles in Japan during the same three-week period.

UnSelf5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

IGN ur starting to become a joke, wit all this back and forth contradiction.

Pick sumthing and stick wit it

Raoh5385d ago

I call it Pachter syndrome

Saaking5384d ago

IGN has lost a lot of respect lately. Lame articles, 9/10 for ODST, top 15 consoles etc. No longer a trusted website.

RememberThe3575384d ago

HEY! Greg Miller is awesome!



SnuggleBandit5384d ago

@ saaking

ya well they pretty much had to to keep the halo boys happy, and say that microsoft had its FIRST AAA (lmao) game of the year.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

Lol, you think IGN will pick a side or even hint a which console they think is better? IGN is a spineless site who panda to their audience rather than actually having the stones to give real opinions.

GOTY went to fallout 3 a while ago, even though both consoles had better exclusives (MGS4 for example)and Fallot 3 got lower scores than most the other competitors. For some reason they seem to be unable to give 99% of exlusive games anything other than a 9.5 (except KZ2 which got 9.4). Resistance 2 9.5 ~ GOW2 9.5 ~ Halo 3 9.5 ~ LBP 9.5 ~ Uncharted 2 9.5 etc. I barely go on their site nowadays and if i do its not to see the reviews.

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Shane Kim5385d ago

I think both uncharted 2 and GoW3 will sell some consoles. But it'll definitely get ugly once FF13, FFvs13 and GT5 is released.

dustgavin5385d ago

Yea. Wii will be the PS3's toughest competitor this holiday. Let 360 battle it out with the PS2!

Digital-_-Smoke5385d ago

What happend to XBOX 360 is beating ps3 in japan lololol IGNorat

cmrbe5385d ago

They should report on this after that stupid articel about x360 outselling the PS3 4:1 the week before launch of the slim.

Godofwar3rapes5385d ago

yo 360 and wii, im really happy for u and i am gonna let u finish but the ps3 is the best console this generation.

Voice_of_Reason5385d ago

Sinc best is all a matter of opinion, it looks like PS3 is not the best or it wouldnt be dead last. 5:1 for one month is nothing. they are still 5 million or so behind Wii. Obviously the better console is the one with the most sales but you cant just look at the release of 1 console in a few weeks and act like the last 3 years didnt exist.

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