Bungie, I am SO mad at you

In todays news, Joystiq has featured an article based on the sentiment of one Halo fan that seems to reflect the emotions of everyone else who looked forward to a little Halo 3 Beta action but were deprived by an error message.

In his letter to Bungie, the loyal fan writes:

"Dear Bungie, Micro$oft and Major Tom,

I am super mad at you for all the pain and grief you've put on me for the last seven hours and forty seven minutes. OMG, it's a simple thing you had to do. All you had to do was flip the BEST BETA EVAR switch in your office and give me and the fans across the world sum Halo 3 action. But no, you n00bs couldn't' even manage that. Let's look at what I've done for you..."

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omansteveo4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

That dude looks like a queer

Whyd i get a disagree?...He does

VirusE4174d ago

You got a disagree (not from me) cause what the hell does it matter if he is gay? It has no relavance, you are just basically saying "hey, anyone, pleeeease look at me i need attention".

ElementX4174d ago

I'm queer and I think he's cute!

tethered4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Case in point after what ElementX said.

Oh, and ElementX, good for you but like the guy above you said, that has no relevance. lol

ElementX's gay-dar spotted him so omansteveo just might be right about him being gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that......... or that it has any relevance. lol

Or he could be EMO.
Please, if you are EMO and you feel like i insulted you don't cry!
If you cry that makes you EMO, not that that has any relevance. (yes I am rolling my eyes right now, in a manly way, not that it has any relevance)

shotty4174d ago

So he has a daughter and lives with his mom and even told her to live him alone ;S and now his daughters at school with noone to pick her up.

The General4174d ago

especially when he says,

"First of all, I gave you 60 bucks for my beta ticket i could have just left it at that, but I played the included Crackdown (more liek Suckdown!) game for over 80 hours. I got all the acheivvement points and stuff to see if it unlocked the beta early, but nothing fine, I said, I'll get my munny's worth later. I'll wait until the "official" launch date, whateva. So I waited. Like, a lot. I bought an xtra X-box 360 (an ELITE, which is awesome BTW) just in case I got red-ringed before the beta. I took the whole week off work so I could play it without being interrupted and I told my mom to leave me alone. I did all of that, and what do you give me? nothing."

Crackdwon was garbage and i only bought it for the Halo 3 beta part but now i feel like i'm being screwed

Droidbro4174d ago

Why'd he play it for 80 hours if it sucked so much. If he thought he get into the beta early (pointless as only the 2 people who got all the achievements would be online in it) then if is a goddamned retard.

Not to metion he is a horrendous [email protected] for still leaving w/ his mom, practically quitting his job, abandoning his daughter, and being an emo homosexual.

cuco334174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

you can relate... how?

because you bought a game for a beta and not for the game itself, took off of work, told mommy to not disturb you while you are in geekdom heaven looking for fpsdoug to score a headshot while you proudly display your glow in the dark halo watch, hate crackdown cuz after getting all achievements and putting time into it you realized forum fanbot rumors of early launch were untrue, bought a second 360 cuz u feared the red ring would delay you in playing the beta, realized that once halo 3 is released for sale that you have no life and will spend every friday and saturday night at home playing with some 13yr old boy from china or 48 yr old hick from down south?

not directly bashing you 17... i'm wii60, i'm no ps3troll.. i just am amazed at people. they seem to surprise me more and more every day


PhinneousD4174d ago

from a brokenhearted fanboy, this ain't news worthy, this is sh!t.

crackdown is a great game, and he played it for 80 hours? he needs to get raped. :-P

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