Forza Motorsport 2 gets 9/9/9/9 in Famitsu (Japan)

Che from Turn 10, shared this information in NeoGaf Forums:

"Forza 2 gets a 9,9,9,9 in Famitsu.

I know Famitsu scores don't mean much in the U.S. anymore, but they do in Japan!"

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D R Fz4483d ago

will somebody provide a link to prove that Famitsu gave the game those scores?

omansteveo4483d ago

Can't wait til next monday Peter and Sylar face off!

VirusE4483d ago

GTHD is better cause i say so! 1 track, 1 car, 1 purpose! Who needs that "physics" jibrish anyway. Graphics are all that matters even if i said differently last gen. ALL HAIL LOOKS OVER SUBSTANCE!

gta_cb4483d ago

cant wait to get this game =D

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The story is too old to be commented.