The Portable Gamer iPhone Preview: QuizQuizQuiz

TPG writes: "After causing a little bit of controversy with my review of TriviaBurst I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was allowed near another quiz game: this time in the guise of FourDoorLemon's QuizQuizQuiz. This game is a collaboration between UK developer FourDoorLemon and QuizQuizQuiz, a Quiz specialist (strangely enough) which arranges Quiz nights around the UK, so it certainly has the pedigree to be something special. From my early impressions with a very stable preview build, this looks to be a winner."

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bgrundman4324d ago

So quizbowl games are now something that you want to volunteer to play? You are crazy.

wondroushippo4324d ago

I've never understood the craze, but whatever makes you happy, I guess.

roblef4324d ago

they don't make me happy

Haly4324d ago

I like it, but then I'm a trivia nut! So the more trivia games the better.

roblef4324d ago

I hate me some quiz games. Ick.