Console Gaming welcomes Panic Zoom to the next generation...

"Sorry you're late!!

Before we announce our site we would like to point out that PanicZoom have indeed made a mistake in their press release and it should be not the as originally stated.

Despite launching only a few months ago, Console Gaming has grown larger than anyone has anticipated by managing to accumulate over 5,500 members nd over 1500 matches played on the ladders since April with this number growing considerably each day. This is helping Console Gaming rapidly become one of the most active clan sites in Europe.

Console Gaming currently provides ladders for the two major formats; Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as well as a couple of ladders for the older Playstation 2 format. It has also recently been announced that it will play host to the first Nintendo Platform ladder in Europe, which will come in the form of Mario Strikers on the Nintendo Wii. This is helping Console Gaming achieve its aim in catering to as much as the European online gaming community as possible.

This means that the staff are constantly listening to suggestions and feedback from the users and finding out what they want to see in a ladder site, and a lot of user feedback has gone into designing the ladder system around what the users want. These suggestions have gone so far as helping decide what ladders can be found to compete on. So there is a wide variety in this area as well and helps cater for everyone's gaming interests. Even if you don't like the conventional shooter or sports game. How about competing on a ladder for Worms on the Xbox Live Arcade?

In addition to providing various ladders for a multitude of games. Console Gaming also has managed to build up a fairly active forum. Something which does indeed help define a gaming website. In such a competitive market, with thousands of posts being made a day on a variety of different topics it truly has managed to bring European gamers together."

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