OXCGN's Forza 3 September Update #10 – Skyline Drifting Style

The Forzaphiles at OXCGN and their latest Forza 3 update, this time talking about the new Forza 3 Demo that went live recently, including download link, screenshots and a video examining the realism behind the drifting style.

"Drifting fans will not be disappointed, as the infamous Skyline, of which there are several versions naturally, will grace your screen and be able to be customised to your hearts content.

Here is an superb example of what Forza 3 can deliver in the hands of an expert Drifting team such as Team Blackjack. All the video you see here is from "actual gameplay" which has been constructed with the in-game video editor to give you an example of what is possible from the final game.

Shot at the Kita-Kantiou road circuit which has over 10 miles of open roads, and in excess of 100 corners to go mad on. But these guys make it look easy-as. Just watch the steady hands on the steering wheels as they loop around each other, and slide at 45 deg angles less than a few meters apart from each other."

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Godem4320d ago

im sure all the fast and furious fans will be happy!

awi59514320d ago

Ps3 faboys avoid posts that make forza look this cool lol

GameOn4320d ago

You should save posts like that for the open zone. You're only calling them out.

XboxOZ3604320d ago

either that, or they have finally realised that both games are great, and the world doesn't revolve around the Sony Head Office. GT5 and Forza 3 will provide hours, if not weeks of great fun for both platform supporters, and for those with both, they'll simply have double the fun.

Hectic_Kris4319d ago

im guna have to buy this game for xbox that isnt even mine wish mine still worked ;-(