Final Fantasy XIV Beta Announcement

TGS 09 is turning out to be the biggest convention this year, and it just started yesterday. Many of the big publishers have let loose a plethora of new content about their games, while sifting through press releases and all the morsels of information, we found this tidbit that will likely get the blood flowing of a few Final Fantasy fans. With the rumors of a lower quality US version of Final Fantasy XIII, most fans have threatened to import the Japanese version to avoid the risk of ruining an other wise epic gaming experience. Well, don't fret to hard, SquareEnix Has given up a little something for you to chew on until the US Version of the game is released later next year.

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meepmoopmeep4320d ago

i must get into this beta or blood shall be shed

Canidae4320d ago

My anticipation for this game is just as bad if not more so than that of FFXI.

*Thinks back on all the adventures he had in Vana'diel*

Good times, good times.

Jack Bauer4320d ago

ffxi is still my favorite game of all time, i wanna play this sooo bad!!!

Reibooi4320d ago

I was really excited to play XIV but now I'm not so sure. They have changed so much it's like it's not even Final Fantasy anymore. I mean they got rid of the classic Final Fantasy jobs like Red Mage, Black Mage, Samurai, Monk, Ninja etc for more generic western RPG jobs like Enchanter, Warlock, Fighter and crap like that. It's a small thing I know but the jobs is part of what made Final Fantasy and now they are just thrown out the window.

I'm all for the new game play changes and revoultions they are trying to bring to the MMO market but there is no need to western up the jobs just to appeal to more people. I want my Black Mage's and White Mage's not Clerics and Warlocks.

JD_Shadow4320d ago

As long as they will allow you to change jobs like FF11 did. That was what made FF11 unique amongst other MMORPGs (freedom to try all classes with one character). I don't mind the change of names as long as they execute them correctly and offer the same type of customization that FF11 did (perhaps more).

TrueStoryGuy4320d ago

Me too. However, I'm still playing Final Fantasy XI...

JoySticksFTW4320d ago

I want that beta code, dammit!

Reibooi4318d ago


From some of the early information people have gotten from interviews with the devs it would seem as if they will let you changes jobs but not in the way you think. Jobs are more or less gonna be based on your weapon. For example if you equip a Katana you would become a Ninja or Samurai(Or whatever retarded name they are calling them this time around seeing how it's all different)

However it also seems as if they have said you will NOT be able to max more then one job like you could in Final Fantasy XI which is in turn forcing the player to create multiple characters. Which goes against the great concept Final Fantasy XI had going. At this point in time I think there is more negative about XIV then positive. I will still be getting into the better so I can see what the game is like and there is always a chance that the people who get into the beta will complain enough to main SE fix the stupid things they are doing with the game.

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Blackcanary4320d ago

I've registered i am getting into that beta.....

meepmoopmeep4320d ago

i hope they're giving the codes out for PS3 though, would suck if it's just PC

dinsurya4320d ago

I have registered twice, just in case... lol.
Wierd, its going for PC too.
First time i see a game that is for PS3 and PC only.
I guess the X360 isnt strong enough for 2010 games :D

JD_Shadow4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

SE was teasing that they were thinking about a 360 version, but it looks like it will stay a PS3/PC-only game for a while before a 360 version comes out. It'll be on PC because, aside from the PS3 (where a lot of MMOs are being developed on there), the PC is probably the premiere platform for MMOs, and most decide to play them on PCs.

The issue is actually from the policies that MS has set up. Apparently, MS is hard pressed to change things or budge on things about XBL that SE would want to have done to be able to support the game the way they want it. That and MMOs on the 360 haven't exactly done that well (which is why you hardly see them on there). They didn't rule it out, but don't expect it anytime soon.

Blackcanary4320d ago

I hope ur right meep would suck if it was just for the PC... and yeah i registered twice to lol woohooooo..... i loved FF11 so much so i can see this one taking over my time lol i hope u can farm in this cause i was farming Mobs like crazy hopefully making money will be a bit easier

Blackcanary4320d ago

thats true i remember when FF11 came out on the 360 there wasn't that many 360 people playing online.

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El Botto4320d ago

Massive upgrade over FF11.

Noctis Aftermath4320d ago

it lacks the final fantasy classes (black mage, white mage etc) though doesn't it? cause if it's really catered for western audiences then it's not really FF imo

Ninji4320d ago

It's by Square-Enix so it's not really a FF to begin with.

Roper3164320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

"With the rumors of a lower quality US version of Final Fantasy XIII, most fans have threatened to import the Japanese version"

so the PS3 version of FF XIII is gonna be different in Japan then it is in the US / EU? I knew it was exclusive on the PS3 in Japan but didn't think the game itself was gonna be different in the different regions.

Does that just refer to the voice acting? Does that refer to the graphics? What the heck does that mean?? If there is a going to be a big difference in the quality of the game based on region I would definitely import it.

supersonicsaga4320d ago

It's all speculative right now, but you can bet people will be comparing the NA version to the JPN version when they are released.

rdgneoz34320d ago

They've made comparisons so far to the quality of voice acting. The JP version has some big names for voice actors, while the NA version doesn't look so good.

jack_burt0n4320d ago

Woah if they stick english subs on the jp release it will become da GIGATON.................

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