Could We Still See a 2009 Release Date for GT5? writes:

"Gran Turismo 5's release date was announced at TGS, for March 2010 in Japan, but could we still see a 2009 release date for Europe and America?"

Article excerpt:

"As a PlayStation fan, I feel that the earlier the game comes, the better, but unfortunately it's still very wishful thinking to expect a 2009 release date. On the other hand, as a Gran Turismo fan, I don't want Polyphony Digital to rush the game, the more polished it is, the more likely it is to be the ultimate racing experience."

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PirateThom4320d ago

Yes, because, Gran Turismo games have a habit of being released first in Europe and America.

You can discuss until the cows come home but with God of War releasing in March and no released date for EU/US for Decemeber, we're getting it in the summer.

callahan094320d ago

That first line was sarcasm right? Sometimes it's hard to tell. But it must have been, considering every single Gran Turismo game has come out in Japan first, elsewhere later.

I think this one will probably come out in April in EU/US. Just a couple of weeks on the heels of the JP release. Gran Turismo 2 managed to come out 2 weeks later in the US. All of the others have been a month or more, but I don't think it'll be more than a couple of weeks for GT5 because it's clearly being developed with international sales in mind, rather than Japanese followed by international localization. It's already been on display and playable in multiple languages. So I think they give it a couple weeks breathing room after God of War 3 for the West, and then we'll have it. Just a guess.

lalalala4320d ago

Seems like the article is looking at the possibility of the game coming in 2009, rather than believing that it is coming in 2009. Does kinda make sense if you think about, GT has absolute minimal voice acting, so it could technically be done, only text would need to be localized.

@callahan - Probably will end up being like that, but early 2010 is so crowded that it actually would be a lot better if Sony got the game out by December. That way they have a confirmed system seller ready for the holiday period.

sunil4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

per what they said.. its only 65% complete. So noway

+ tgs is huge enough for such announcements... why did they not do it?

4320d ago
SnuggleBandit4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

^^ ya cause nfs: shift was gonna be some stiff competition

GamerSciz4320d ago

You ever hear of that saying "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Because your comment was nothing more then flamebait and idiotic just fyi.

On topic...
Before TGS started Kaz kept saying that the game can be released anytime, and then afterwards went as far as saying that it will be released SHORTLY after GT-PSP. Well, if I recall correctly GT-PSP is being released the same day as the PSP-GO which is Oct 1 here. If that's the case I just dont understand how March 2010 suffices as a "shortly after" period.

Something isn't adding up.

4320d ago
DonCorneo4320d ago

that was sony's plan when they were struggling. they were desperate and they needed a system seller like GT.

but the ps3 slim is doing better than expected, all is well in playstation land.

now sony just needs to spread its games.. they already pushed back mag, heavy rain, and wkc.. then there's gow3 and the show 2010 1st Q of 2010

so i expect gt5 in the summer, 3rd Q 2010 probably

ReservoirDog3164320d ago

I think that's just wishful thinking....

PROFIT4320d ago

i hope your wrong, dude.

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gears224320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Do you guys really want to play an incomplete game just so that it pushes more PS3s this fall?

I'd rather wait and play what Kaz wanted me to play,not Sony.

Delta4320d ago

No, They are at 65% with the game. theres no way the can 35% of the game in time for '09. I can wait. I rather have a 100% game than a 65% game.

gauntletpython4320d ago

GT5 either NEEDS to come out this year OR it needs to be delayed until holiday season 2010.

This year still lacks a big profile release for the PS3(Uncharted is good, but it doesn't have the Halo or Mario legacy attached to it like ODST or NSMB Wii). Plus, Sony's 1st half of 2010 is already PACKED with 1st party games - MAG(Jan), White Knight(Feb), GOW3(March), and Heavy Rain(early 2010) so there's absolutely no point in releasing the game during that period.

As for the 65% done thing - that was all BS numbers. They said Heavy Rain was only 65% done but it's been known that it's content complete for months already.

LarVanian4320d ago

Ummmmmm why the hell would they want to do that?
Uncharted 2 is still a big release for PS3 even without the so called "legacy".

gauntletpython4320d ago

If they released it first half of 2010 than it would be in direct competition with their own games and the bajillion other 3rd party games scheduled then too. Kinda like how they delayed Killzone 2 solely so it wouldn't overlap with Resistance, LBP or their other titles. Plus, as it stands, they don't really have any other games scheduled for fall 2010.

Also, in regards to Uncharted, it's gonna be an awesome game, but you're delusional if you think it's gonna post system seller numbers. It'll do maybe 350K first week and 500K first month, Killzoneish. Considering Sony is on such a big kick with their rebranding and what not, they want something that will do a million+ it's first month and only GT5 can do that.

Plus, why wouldn't they just announce the release date if they weren't still trying to get it out this year?

LarVanian4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

"""If they released it first half of 2010 than it would be in direct competition """

Every game in Q1 2010 has been spaced out well. MAG for January, WKC for February, GOW3 for March. April is the month I presume GT5 will be released in US/EU since GT5 Prologue was released that month. Do you actually believe GT5 would be in direct competition with those games in April? Months after they've released?

"""they don't really have any other games scheduled for fall 2010."""

Modnation Racers, The Last Guardian, Agent, Insomniacs 5th PS3 game (Obviously Resistance 3) and a few unannounced games should all be coming out in fall 2010. So what were you saying about Sony not having any games for the end of next year?
Plus thank you for being very ignorant by calling me delusional, you are so kind. I didn't say Uncharted 2 would be a system seller, I said it would be a big release because it is a quality game. And IMO a quality game is a big release no matter what.

"""Plus, why wouldn't they just announce the release date if they weren't still trying to get it out this year?"""

They did announce the release date. March 2010 for Japan. Do you actually think Sony would release a Gran Turismo game a full three months in US/EU before Japan? And to think you called me delusional.

gauntletpython4320d ago

First, I didn't call you delusional, I said IF you think U2 is gonna be a system seller, then you're delusional.

ModNation Racers is due early 2010, TLG has no release date, R3 hasn't been announced nor is it confirmed for any 2010 release, neither is Agent. And yes, I do think that releasing 5-6 first party games in the span of 4 months is something Sony would not do. Like I said, those are only first party releases too. They still have intense multiplatform competition like Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy 13, Resonance of Fate etc.

Plus, they want to spread their big releases out across the fiscal year so their stocks maintain steady instead of blowing their wad of 6 games in the period of 3-4 months.

As for why they would release the game earlier in the US - Final Fantasy 13. Analysts are predicting Final Fantasy 13 will sell 2 million copies week 1 in Japan and 500K PS3s in December. Why would they release Gran Turismo 5 against that stiff competition? Yamauchi said they could release GT5 'whenever', so it makes sense for them to release the game in the US/EU, where it's the most popular, in December when they have no big releases. Then release it in Japan later when they don't have any big releases planned.

Finally, why would they specify the release date only for Japan and then specifically say "Oh, this is ONLY for Japan, we'll announce the western date later"?

lalalala4320d ago

@LarVanian - Yeah U2 will be a great game, but it won't be a system seller. GT is a system seller, in fact it's probably the only Sony first party title that can even be called a system seller.

eagle214320d ago

So explain why PS3 is kicking 360's butt lately? Sony has the GOTY, go cry.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer4320d ago

Just play GT5:P if you're that desperate... Jesus...

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