Sony demos PS3 wand with LittleBigPlanet

Footage from Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference has slowly been trickling on to the Internet over the past couple of days, the latest batch of which comes in the form of five-minute plus video of folk utilizing the PS3 motion-controller with LittleBigPlanet.

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Galvanise4322d ago

really like the wand integration for this game. It adds a new challenge to the game, and because the wand is so accurate it can do some really fanastic things (like guide a vessel for Sackboy to travel in, or hold up an umbrella to protect him from acid rain). This one has my approval.

LiquifiedArt4322d ago

The intergration could be alot of fun. You could have 4 player games where 2 players are on wands and 2 are sackboys/girls. One wand has to protect 1 sack and vice versa.

It could be alot of fun, even competitive challenges.

callahan094322d ago

Yeah I thought it was looking really cool and fun until I saw the umbrella then it really clicked with me even more and went from merely cool and fun ... to brilliant.

Ravage274322d ago

after this awesome vid, i'm gonna stop doubting the potential of the wand integration in games. I'm seriously impressed :D

Microsoft Xbox 3604322d ago

That's what motion controls should be about. Precision and accuracy.

DolphGB4322d ago

Is how this further opens up LittleBigPlanet (and other games) to the rest of the family.

You can be the 'hardcore' gamer, and actually get a lot of fun out of collaborative play with someone who has never held a DualShock before - they get to interact in a much more accessible way.


bjornbear4322d ago

WOW! Its PERFECT for level design O.o.......ZOMG =D awsum =)

Practical...not gimicky...

Darkeyes4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

wow.... That was nice. But the only problem I have is WHERE THE FU*K IS MY ANALOG STICK SONY?????

I am serious guys, I mean here I am criticizing Natal and asking 360 fanboys "How the hell do you move in a shooter" and here Sony is making the same mistake.... If Sony thinks that I am going to play Killzone 2 with a DS3 in one hand and these controllers in another, then forget it.. It's great with the controller only.

I am not getting hyper, but this is seriously potential down the drain if it doesn't come with an analog stick... I saw that RE5 gameplay vid and it was great.. The accuracy was spot on, but still the movement was with DS3 which is stupid.

Seriously Sony don't make the same retarded mistake you made with a PSP... Just throw in an analog stick in a final build... This is something that can really be deemed as a hardcore Wii and can really help move PS3s.... JUST DON'T BE CHEAP AND ADD AN ANALOG STICK SONY (won't mind if you throw in some triggers and ⃞△◌X buttons as well).

Ju4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

@Darkeyes, I agree. But, the DS3 could be the way to go. Not to say, the DS3 as a physical controller, but maybe parts of it. Sony (or 3rd parties) could bring a "half-DS3" with the stick and some buttons as an add on (makes this quasi a Nunjuk). That'll work. And if you don't want to spend the money, you can still use the DS3 (because you got one anyway). You gotta buy the Nunjuk for the Wii as an add on separately also. Not a big deal, I think.

Feral Gamer4322d ago

You actually doubted Sony? The only thing about Sony I doubt is the PSP Go. I knew the wand would mean awesome applications in games.

snakebite364322d ago

I wonder if motion control will be in The Last Guardan. Like to stroke the creature or something, or climbing because in a video that was up here yesterday the guy that helped design the motion wand thing said that it can tell how hard you grip the wand.

darthv724322d ago

yet it somehow give the impression that it is now a dumed down wii game using those controls. After this I bet someone will do something similar for either wiiware or a full retail wii game.

phosphor1124322d ago

Though, it still isn't anything amazing. I'll be picking this up, but I'm hoping for some awesome stuff like they showed at E3.

ReservoirDog3164322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

You know, I really don't like how gimmicky this motion controller thing is but I do like the way it's used here. A lot.

edit: I actually think the DS3 in your other hand setup would work well. It'll be like the Wii, which is actually pretty comfortable.

chaosatom4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

It's not the motion controller i am impressed with, it's how they use it.

Simply Genius and a must buy!

GrandTheftZamboni4322d ago


"How the hell do you move in a shooter"

Good question. And also how do you control the camera? They would need to include two analog sticks to do that. One joystick on a wand would be playable with one hand, but not two of them, besides that would be something that's already there (Sixaxis), which requires two hands. They could separate the two joysticks onto something stationary or use Dual Shock as they plan to currently, with a holder or cradle perhaps. I don't know if one could control two joysticks with one hand though. That might need some getting used to.

Electricear4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

for some games. Pixel junk racers was one example of a 7 player game. That being said, I could see them adding wand support for LBP so you could have up to 7 friends playing instead of just 4. Think about some of the obstacles you could make where the people with the wands have to deal with each of the sack players as they do things on different parts of the screen.

DaTruth4322d ago

If there's no analog sticks on the wand, then screw it! To make this successful with the hardcore, they needed to find a way to get most of the buttons on the wand! I liked the gamer access mock-up; Little big planet has the least buttons in a PS3 game and still he couldn't use the wand to play the game.

I hope they didn't fail this for the hardcore.

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Ninjamonkey4322d ago

Looks quite good.

It reminds me of super mario galaxy on the wii with the second player function.

KruLLit4322d ago

that function was awesome :D

DonCorneo4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

that would add a whole new dimension to LBP

you won't need another person and you can just use the DS

also, that chick is hot.. i would like to see her using that dild, ummm, controller for something else

popup4322d ago

You could make a level that required her to do that i suppose :)

popup4322d ago

Loved the umbrella idea.

_vx4322d ago

hahaha that was really fun i cant wait

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