Major Nelson's Website Slammed Due to H3 Beta

Major Nelson's website has been decimated by the legions of angry gamers looking for answers to their Crackdown / H3 Beta woes.

Displaying the following text:

"This site is experiencing an excessive traffic amount of traffic at this time, so sorry for the temporary nature of this message. We're working on getting back online as soon as we can."

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IBLEEDBLU4226d ago

they cant even get a download of a beta rite - MS is useless honestly

Rhezin4226d ago

they all deserve to be slammed, people lost work pay today for calling in sick just to play the beta. They deserve to be called names, bashed, and more

cuco334226d ago

and that is where people's priorities are ass backwards. picking a limited beta version aka timed demo over work or money is beyond retarded. but it's ok, some of us have real jobs and patience. i dont think mcdonald's will miss out on the burger flipper for a day or two since he picks a video game as higher priority over bettering himself to a better, more respectable job since it's obvious halo 3 is more important
sh*t happens. i expected the servers to be flooded... main reason why i try not to download things first night. main reason i dont go to the movies for the movie release... we as americans (and people) need to learn to have patience.

power0919994226d ago

Cuco: you sir deserve an extra bubble

The day I take a day off of work to play a video game, better be the day after I retire.

Putting food in my family's mouth, comes WAY before a video game.

Bonsai12144226d ago

yeah, people who take off a day to play a video game are idiots.. whats so bad about waiting 6 hours for? you've waited several years, a few more hours is not much.

calderra4226d ago

As I once said during the Halo 2 launch, when I had to wake up and go to class (and take a test) at 8am the next day:

If you miss school/work to play a game, you are an idiot.
Please re-evaluate your priorities in life.

reaperxciv4226d ago

that's what happens to people alligned with M$ and bill, the big bully

EZCheez4225d ago

Your commenters disagreeing with you are obviously not on salary. I have two friends who skipped work today (they said they had a family cruise planned for their families, lame excuse but it worked) for the beta. I would do the same for a game that I loved, because I can, and not lose any of my wages because I am not paid by the hour.

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Boon Tarkas4226d ago

Ask the jack-a-ninny why he defended the GH2 DLC pricing

Crazyglues4226d ago

yeah some people like myself stayed up until 1200pm to download as soon as it dropped and what did we get... Nothing..

After all that mess about buy crackdown and get in on the halo beta, what a joke.. I bought the game just for this. And they can't get a simple download to work..

XboxLive or XboxLive beta.. LoL Dam shame that you have to actually pay for this service. (it's like having to pay to use the bathroom at burger king after you already paid for your food.)

Thanks Microsoft - first the 3 red rings of death now this... you gotta love it.

shotty4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

The funny thing is that it was suppose to come out at 5 AM not 12 PM, why would you need to stay awake until 12 PM since thats noon

PS360WII4226d ago

my word. It's a game! Sure a great one for the xbox but still a game it's nothing to go and want to kill someone over for not being able to play the beta version of it one day late... This is like the petition sony fans did when dmc4 was deemed multi

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The story is too old to be commented.