Sony: 5.5 million PS3's shipped by March 31st

Sony have revealed that they just missed their target of 6milliion consoles by Fiscal year end by 500,000 units. Their worldwide software shipments for the PS3 were 13.2 million.

PS2 and PSP hardware shipments dropped slightly, PS2 software droped by 30million, but PSP software rose by 12.5million units.

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Boink4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

I hate this shipped = sold thing that MS and sony are doing.

*edit???who the hell disagreed? someone's in favour of the companies BS'ing and inflating their numbers? that's just sad.

Merovee4200d ago

But the thing is neither really has a reliable system to see how many have sold. If any store cant be reached or refuses to state sales they're lost.

Bathyj4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

At least they call it shipped. Whats the harm in seeing these numbers? I see nothing confusing or misleading here.

EZCheez4200d ago

I also tire of reading these shipped numbers. They can be misleading to the untrained eye, but I don't know any other reliable numbers to work off of considering Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo will also have to start with these statements once every Wii stops counting as an automatic sell. But who knows when that will happen?

techie4200d ago

I agree...but it's just shipped here.

DrWan4200d ago

It's "sold" in their eyes, becuase retailers pay them, and now they have the money liquidated for other operations such as making a different form-factor. ect.

but yah, ship does not = install base.

rusgreim4200d ago

... a sale is recorded when the consumer purchases it, but I can't find a sales number in the report. So... how many un-owned PS3's are there in warehouses and on store shelves. Thats what really matters.

Yuprules4200d ago

Agreed, there could be 3 million (just a total guess) units sitting on store shelves!