Final Fantasy XIII TGS 09: Full Snow demo

Snoopers (of Gamersyde) sent one last video before quitting the Tokyo Games Show show floor for good this evening. Here is the full gameplay sequence of the Snow demo in Final Fantasy XIII. This looks to be the highest quality capture yet, and the end result is simply amazing. Enjoy!

Note: no audio, *potential minor spoilers*

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dgroundwater4376d ago

No kidding that looks awesome.

Aquarius4376d ago

That looks truly ASTOUNDING!!!!!

spectyre4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Where can I get a set of lesbian motorcycle goddess'?

OT: The game looks truly stunning and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I know many people have been disappointed in Square-Enix lately... hopefully they will be able to redeem themselves(somewhat) with FFXIII.

Panthers4375d ago

This entire gen they have had their best working on this game. All the other games dont truly represent Square. This game does. I knew they would not let us down with FF13

Now I cant wait to see Vs 13

SpoonyRedMage4376d ago

Is that in-game?... or cgi?

Game looks absolutely amazing.

Rybnik4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

80 percent in-game
Also, apparently that was only half of the snow portion of the demo..
The link is there to watch the lightning focused part of the demo too.. It doesn't look quite as immpressive though, imo.

SpoonyRedMage4376d ago

Yer, the last bits were definitely cgi but the transition is not much. When he summoned Shiva it kind of looked like cgi....

Rybnik4376d ago

I know Spoony, the summons are in-fact in game though.

Rybnik4376d ago

If anyone sees this, another part of the demo is in submissions..

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