Cinematic Mod 10: Hot Alyx screens, impressive trailer and final version released

Sexy Alyx screenshots and final update from the Half-Life 2-Mod Cinematic Mod 10. Impressive-Trailer inside!

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womper4327d ago

That girl looks mad. Not the Alex I remember.

Zedux4327d ago

after watching the Heavy Rain video this girl makes me want throw! Coming these graphics are a joke compared to Heavy Rain!!

phosphor1124327d ago

Except feminine. o_O

They broke Alyx.

Pandamobile4327d ago


You're retarded...

Fake Factory's Cinematic Alyx mods have more detail than any game in existence.

You can see her fricking PORES.

RadientFlux4327d ago

horrible as always... nothing like changing Alyx from a healthy girl next door to an anorexic stick figure... that wears too much makeup

Timesplitter144327d ago

This mod has gone horribly wrong over the years

The Great Melon4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

My eyes burn. Alyx is hideous now. It's like someone just punched her in the face and mutilated her.

adsaidler4327d ago

i still prefer the original alyx model

Kakihara4327d ago

That looks more like Rihanna than Alyx. It should be okay though so long as you don't mod the combine into Chris Brown clones.

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