Bodies in Motion

With the lines already firmly staked out for the Christmas battle, then, Sony and Microsoft's focus at TGS turned elsewhere - to what was arguably a retread of their last competitive heat at E3. For both firms, motion control was back on the agenda - each keen to outdo the other as they hurtle down the trail Nintendo has so successfully blazed.

It's easy to characterise both the PS3 Motion Controller (which is in desperate need of a snappier title) and Microsoft's Natal as being me-too products, the creations of companies badly stung by Nintendo's unexpected success - but looking more closely at each one, it's fascinating to note the philosophical differences between the approaches taken by Sony and Microsoft.

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Bob Dole4322d ago

Good article. The next gen is motion controls in current gen console bundles, and it starts next spring... hopefully.

ChozenWoan4322d ago

While MS showed developers talking about natal, Sony showed the PSWand in action with known games of different genres from hardcore to casual. Being around 6 months away from release, with actual games ready to go today, and a system very similar to Nintendo's, Sony is in a better position to make major headway with it's motion system. By the time Devs get a clear understanding of not only what Natal can do, and how best to map controls, this gen will be coming to a close.