Planet Earth HD DVD topples Blu-ray sales

The BBC series Planet Earth on HD DVD was the best seller among all high definition titles in its second week at retail. The Blu-ray version came in second place.

In its second week, for the seven-day period ended May 6, the 4-disc set became the first HD DVD box set to earn the top spot on Nielsen's weekly high-def charts.

During the same period, the Blu-ray version of Planet Earth ranked #2, with sales of about 5% less than the HD DVD set. Blu-ray, though, continues to hold the lead in market share, taking about 60% of all hi-def sales in the first week in May.

However, the Planet Earth HD DVD set remains a top seller. As of Tuesday morning, it is #4 on's list of top-selling DVDs. Its Blu-ray counterpart, on the other hand, has slipped to #15. Both are priced at around $67 on Amazon.

During the week ended May 6, Blu-ray rounded up all remaining spots on the top five list, with Night at the Museum, Deja Vu, and Dreamgirls, respectively.

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NextGen24Gamer4173d ago

There are more HD dvd "Stand Alone Players" than blu ray stand alones on the market.

Thus more consumers having Full Intent to purchase HD dvd movies.

HD dvd stand alones are out pacing blu ray 4 to 1.

Yes since the beginning of the year blu ray sales have been more than HD dvd sales.

But mostly attributed to the lack of new releases for HD dvd and a flood of Titles for blu ray.

But this last month and beyond clearly show that HD dvd has ramped up its releases.

That being said....The same movie on two formats....HD dvd's sell more copies. I just bought my copy the other day on HD dvd. It was very hard to find. Everywhere I went it was sold out. I finally drove 20 miles to the 3rd closes Best Buy and picked it up. Every Best buy I went to had several blu ray copies in stock....When I asked about that...they told me that as soon as the HD dvd versions come in...they sold quickly.

My point is.....When movies are released on both formats....The HD dvd version "Always" out sells the blu ray version.

That should tell the movie studios somthing. People in general choose HD dvd. People who bought a ps3 didn't choose blu ray. Its just thrown in their face. But it doesn't guarentee that they will buy blu ray movies. Sure it helps...And it was 100% sony's intent.

With all that said. Its just my opinion from my experience and a bit of common sense. Which ever format gets the stand alone price down to 200 dollars will win the format war and the movie studios will comply with who ever the winner is.

I own both blu ray movies and HD dvd movies. I'm fine with who ever wins. I prefer HD dvd simply due to price of the stand alones/Features...U Control, ect/ and as of now as good or better movie quality over blu ray.

WilliamRLBaker4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

But it does with the 5 disagrees you got, and As for that i love the planet series I have it on dvd, ITs so amazingly beautiful! i might have to pick it up on hd dvd, or blu ray cause to me its the movie that matters not the format its on.

pshizle4173d ago

i own an HD DVD player and its amazing

articals i read online is that HD DVD has sharper picture and its cheaper! why would i want bluray when its not even better!

the only reason why you have many disagrees is that people are just biased...

Cant wait for the Matrix and Lord of the Rings on HD DVD

xfrgtr4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Eliteliar is talking,Bluray is CRUSHING hddvd
"During the week ended May 6, Blu-ray rounded up all remaining spots on the top five list, with Night at the Museum, Deja Vu, and Dreamgirls, respectively.
Power of green,are you gay?

kmis874173d ago

Well, the BluRay release did face added competition from other titles being released, while new releases for HDDVD have been more scarce.

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fenderputty4173d ago

lol ... nice title.

"Blu-ray, though, continues to hold the lead in market share, taking about 60% of all hi-def sales in the first week in May."

power of Green 4173d ago

I'm sure the Studios know what Elite gamer has posted. Beta Max was looking great also.

fenderputty4173d ago

But it's going to help. I just bought two movies the other day. My brother did for his PS3 as well. Stand alone players are coming down in value too and will also help sales. I just thought the titel was a little misleading since overall sales are still in blu-ray favor.

power of Green 4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Planet Earth is the best. Elite Gamer seems to be one of a few that has any sense.

Deep brown" the last site update the first comment i made was about how i thought a 360 game looked and was tooken down to 3 bubbles the next time i logged on.

People hate me because my comments are offensive to others that get too emotional and it bugs people that my comments are usually none debatable. I thought you guys were talking about me. I had you on ignor and had to check your post out thinking you responded to my post, I'll turn the ignor feature off Now and later the rest of Sony fans as soon as it calms down.

techie4173d ago

How'd you lose a bubble in two comments POG?

WilliamRLBaker4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Because the vote system doesn't work, Fanboys can easily gang up on others and just vote their bubbles down as much as they want, this is the case for both sides not just one.

thats the side affect of having a system where the user decides how much and who can post pretty much, the fanboys can take advantage of it.

Edit: and it doesn't help that from what i've been told in the forums is that the system isn't monitored at all.

Specialguest: I thought so too, but the service isn't monitored, I mean hell my bubble went down to 4 in like a day, I do believe the bubble system is being abused.

specialguest4173d ago

I thought the last N4G update ensured that speech bubbles would be harder to remove. odd. Maybe his "enemies" are purposely ganging up on him.

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