HD Copy Protection Workaround Discovered

"German computer magazine C't has discovered that PC owners only need to hit the Print Screen button to capture a frame of a HD DVD or a Blu-ray Disc movie and that means that any programmer could create a script that captures the screen 30 times per second to enable a lossless capture of the video frames.

Then, it'll be required to capture the audio and merge the video and audio files into one big 50GB movie. "

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Shadowstorm6179d ago

So long as it's possible to get output, it's possible to produce a nearly-perfect digital replica of any content. Manually hitting the printscreen key for each and individual frame of a movie would take forever. As long as there is a medium, there will always be a way to copy it. You could even copy jukebox records if you had the right equipment.

DG6177d ago

Imagine they cancel that stupid token protocall thing whats sony going to do about their multiple sku's.