Consoles must embrace user-created content, says Valve

Valve Software marketing director Doug Lombardi has told that consoles must embrace user-created content.

"I would argue that it's the biggest component those guys have to get over if they want online to matter," said Lombardi.

"Half-Life 1 was okay as a multiplayer game and Team Fortress Classic was really good, but Counter-Strike kicked both their asses no question. And that came from a kid going to college in Canada and another kid going to high school in New Jersey, who had our code and thought it would be cool to play our game.

"The PC has that great advantage; has had that great advantage, and it comes from multiplayer and modding starting in the early '90s and [online] multiplayer only showing up on consoles in 2000 or 2001.

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kamisama4268d ago

1 word "Mods" without user created mods counter strike would of just been ok and would have never made as far as it has but with thousands upon thousands of mods being used its like playing a totally differnt game it adds some inovation into the game.

Capt CHAOS4268d ago

There is nothing like Counterstrike and Valve have hit the spot on this.

User created content is king. Oops.. shame for that dumb move for Xbox 360 without the hard-drive eh?

I just can't wait for HL2 to come on my 360.. It'll kick all the other onlines into place...

silent ninja4268d ago

i like that idea but how many people have the time to create user created content??? how many gamers wold this dedicated

most people who play pc games i expect know more about this(computer geeks) than the average xbox 360,ps3, and wii.

and will sony, ms and ninty give tools to support this idea let alone give their codes to unknown people

Leathersoup4268d ago

What if you could make and share maps for your favorite FPS, or tracks for a racing game? It doesn't have to be an entire mod! They could even release "editors" to allow it.

The problem is, Microsoft, is about making money. With Live, they are able to ensure that the users are unable to do this and as such they are the only ones cabable of distributing additional content and charge for it to boot.

Capt CHAOS4268d ago

Just a couple of people out of the millions with the time can make the difference. That's how Counterstrike started.

DirtyRat4268d ago

creating mods is one of the reasons I love PC gaming, and I dont think its geeky at all to enjoy creating games.

I am working on a mod called Mare Nostrum which is set in the African theatre of WW2, (its a mod for red orchestra), and Steam has really helped Red Orchestra get out to players who may not have heard of it (since its a low budget independant title).

I think modding for 360 is a possibiity through XNA, but not for PS3...I think the way for consoles to do this is to give easy to use map editors and other tools for importing user created stuff into the game...this would take extra dev time most definately so it would be great to see this kind of support in updates, and make it real easy for users to add their own art, sounds and levels.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4268d ago

I can understand the lack of user created content last gen for online was fairly new to consoles but there is no excuse this time around. Mods extend the life of a game that could normaly be dead in 2 years and helps bring new talent to gaming.

Xi4268d ago

I think that's what bungie and turn 10 are trying to do with recording features, crackdown's rocket tag is user created. But user created content like a mod is a lot harder to do on a console then on a pc, if any coding has to be done, or modeling you're going to be stuck trying to do that with the gamepad unless you have a keyboard and mouse, and that doesn't sound like fun. The last problem is that with making a mod for a game, there's also the possibility that you will be getting a lot more cheaters and script kitties in games.

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The story is too old to be commented.