Halo 3 Beta delayed until tomorrow?

Bungie has stated that they have informed the guys at Xbox live and the problem should be rectified shortly, but has heard different. A source close to Bungie tells them they've had huge problems with the server that unlocks the client to those who have a copy of Crackdown and that it will be some time before the problem is rectified; it's been suggested that the client download may not be available until tomorrow.


The beta is now open for "Crackdown users"

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solidt124200d ago

I was hoping they never got it fixed. dang!

Just kidding

closedxxx4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

Sounds to me like BUNGIE needs to hire some Beta testers for it's Beta. I guess that would make them..... (are you ready?) BETA BETA TESTERS!!! If the government has test labs to practice rolling out updates (and they do... I have the lovely job of maintaining some of them) then there is no excuse for a company with M$ backing to drop the ball on such a over-hyped piece of software.

Vfor54200d ago

Don't announce a release for a beta and then go back on your word. it gets people realll plssed off.

reaperxciv4200d ago

things like these are supposed to happen at some point

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P4KY B4200d ago

So problems like this don't occur when the full game is released in September.

Firewire4200d ago

Um, u didn't even get into the beta,
so this has nothing to do with the beta!
MS & Bungie never bothered to check
the login through Crackdown.
MS took your money & didn't bother to make sure
the crap works! People are really pissed about this.
Another black eye for MS!
And wait how this will be all over the news tomorrow,
But you'll hear Moore talk about customer Service!

PhinneousD4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

that's a worthless comment, and YOU'RE WORTHLESS on this topic. go be a dipsh!t somewhere else.

Mr Murda4200d ago

This is a British website, so it may well go into to the early morning hours in Britian.

gta_cb4200d ago

well i spose it gives me a couple extra hours to get those achievements i havnt got yet =P

yeh i am a little bit annouyed but these things happen so complaining wont actually change anything =( otherwise i would be not stop =D

Tommie4200d ago

I don't care wether it'll come today or tommorw. It will be out eventually so I'll download it when it's on Live. I don't have time to play now anyway. And when it's just on Live all those fanboys who are waiting all day for the damn Beta will download it so it'll take forever to complete anyways.

Me wait :)

closedxxx4200d ago

The above statement is true BUT, with such a stingy 3 week beta window, every day counts. I won't hold this against them if they extend the beta testing period to a later date, but I won't hold my breath.

gta_cb4200d ago

would be nice but like you said, i wouldnt hold my breath =(

Underlined4200d ago

Now I'm pissed. My mate got a code, and he's been playing it all day.. -_-