Demon's Souls Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "The biggest difference between Demon's Souls and a traditional Roguelike dungeon-crawler lies in its battle system. Instead of having a traditional grid or turn-based battle system, Demon's Souls features a completely active, action-oriented battle system. But don't be fooled, there is still plenty of strategic elements in the title. "

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SonyEnthusiast3946d ago

Think ill start out with Magician and make it realy hard on myself to make the game last that much longer. :P

darkvenom3946d ago

wait for Demon Souls,i'm going to start out as a Knight.

Ichiryoka3946d ago

Just a few more days.. it seems so far away.

Deluxe bundle here I come...

Invading worlds and taking on my true body...Coming to your world,

soon, prepare to be invaded..hahahaaaaaa oh and call me Mid-Boss!!!

cmrbe3946d ago

This is madness. Those who still claim that the PS3 don't have games should be shot.