Crackdown Gameplay Trailers

Microsoft released these two gameplay trailers for Crackdown. They look to be from a newer build of the game. The "Rocket Juggling" is going to be a lot of fun, especially on Xbox Live!

BOOSTIN6527d ago

game looks like a ps2 title. not impressed at all. the comic book look is old. only nerds read comic books anyway.

The Real Deal6527d ago

First of all Next Gen doesn't mean all the games look like Gears of War. Any game Microsoft has its hand on will be next gen. Yes its cell shading and it may not be your cup of tea...but it will be most definately next gen. Don't be like those sony fanboys and call people names if they don't share your opinion. If you aren't interested in the game....thats fine.....Me personally, I know its going to be great. Ps2 games looked worse than dreamcast games and xbox games. I think you are just talking about the cell shading in general. You seen it before in other games and you just ain't into it. Well I guarentee when this game comes out if you ever rent it, buy it, and play it. You will be impressed with Microsoft is doing with the genre.

USMChardcharger6527d ago

have you guys actually read about this game. unreal what they have planned. i think this will be huge.

and Boostin, good thing there are nerds i we have things like x men and spiderman for example.

ACE6527d ago

if you have a 360 download the making of trailer of xbox martplace mate it looks much better then that

Sphinx6527d ago

I bought the 360 for two games originally: Oblivion and Crackdown!
BTW- I'm a nerd, I guess.

Gamer136527d ago

PS3 fan boy is sad.

To boostin your just scared because the 360 have alot of great titles.

BOOSTIN6527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

i have a 360, and do NOT plan on getting a PS3 i despise sony so dont EVER call me a sony fanboy. all im saying is the graphics suck a$$. its not impressive and when you compare games like this against Gears of War it looks like utter $hit! i dont have to love every game on the 360 to own one do I?

USMChardcharger6527d ago

actually find some articles on this Boostin and i think you will change your mind. going to be a fun game.


looks good to me, much better than any PS64 graphics...

Gamer136527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

To BOOSTIN how can a game like this looks like a ps2 game, maybe your not seeing right and its best if you say you don,t like the concept of the game simple as that.

And the most impressive ive seen so far on the 360 is Lost Planet.

BOOSTIN6527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

the cell shading (comic) graphics dont look nex gen at all to me. horrible character designs. cheesy a$$ music. and is that the batmobile? WTF?? even perfect dark looks better and it was a LAUNCH TITLE!