Microsoft tries to stamp out cheating, hurts enthusiast sports gamers instead

A few days ago received an e-mail from a distraught reader who noticed something odd about the Spring Update: it was killing all his custom rosters in his sports games. This is an issue that will only affect a small number of 360 owners, but for now it's a major annoyance in the hardcore sports gaming community. What exactly happened?

Many dedicated users put together their own rosters in games like College Hoops 2K7 and then upload their saves to community sites. The sites share game saves using a variety of products like Datel's X-SATA, or other memory card transfer kits. This allowed the sports community to trade rosters, create teams, and enjoy the work of others. Pretty cool, right? Except Microsoft was worried about people trading game saves; it could lead to achievement fraud or some other bad thing in the future. It had to be stopped.

The method Microsoft used to deal with this was pretty heavy-handed; apparently they downloaded every save on these community sites, looked at the console markers on each one, and then in the Spring Update included that list of markers so that any saves shared between consoles would be marked as corrupted. Not good news for the sports gamers out there, and if you were in the middle of a's some tough luck.

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soldier sean4174d ago

I personally am very happy that MS is taking this guys gotta remember that the achievement junkies represent a larger number in revenue dollars towards ms than that loyal segment of sports fans that purchase every new seasonal title. Add to this the contest factor , like old spice challenge . How many people were cheated out of winning fuzion frenzy all because somebody with a memory card transfer thingie just downloaded some save files onto his console ? ALOT . i was one of the affected.

So this is why i hate cheaters , and i would be number one in my community page ranking if it werent for cheaters. I think that ms is smart in taking measures to conserve the integrity of their achievements system .

what do you guys think?

WilliamRLBaker4174d ago

I agree for too long fraudsters have been geting fake scores, and if ur custom stuff gets blocked? hey thats your own fault for using a device that isn't licensed, endorsed or supported by microsoft.

4174d ago
gta_cb4174d ago

although there is one glitch i will do in Gears of War i dont like glitching or cheating!

p.s. just incase your woundering the glitch i do is the grab and slide, i dont count it as a glitch as in real life you wouldnt stop to pick up a weapon

XerockX4174d ago

U should should totally be able to download saves,especially after your gamessaves are corrupted by an update(my friends 100%complete crakdown savesave).
They need to find a way to disable the achievements without corrupting the saves.

LoveHateTragedy4174d ago

to simply disable achievements for shared game saves, not disable the saves themselves. This would not only prevent 'achievement cheating' as Microsoft puts it, but would also fail to infuriate thousands of customers. Microsoft's paying the price for being so heavy-handed in their approach to the console market; it's no wonder few developers actually like how controlling they are of Xbox Live, such as Epic Games.

Leo Atrox4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Part of me wants to say "it's just gaming, so who cares if someone is cheating?" Then the other part of me--the one who didn't get anything from the Old Spice Challenge because the good prizes were gone in just a couple days--says "to heck with the cheaters! It's just gaming, and they can start over again."

Now that achievements can be tied to real-world prizes and merchandise, it is absolutely necessary to do what they can to prevent gamerscore farming. It is unfortunate that doing so interferes with the way some gamers want to play their games; but I think that sharing rosters is ... Well, I wouldn't do it.

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