Spawn Kill: FIFA 10 Demo Impressions

After bringing you plenty of FIFA 10 coverage, including previews, Spawn Kill's The Herp finally was able to get his hands on the game, with the release of the latest demo. Because not everyone will have a chance to play the demo before deciding to purchase the game, he breaks it down for you. Does it look like EA has made significant improvements over last year's installment? Check out the full article to find out.

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K-Tuck4326d ago

Soccer games are way too technical for me.

Zedux4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

I'll give PES 2010 a try first Fifa 09 and Fifa 10 gameplay are very very similar and the old problems are still there I hate the ball physics it got gum to stick it to the ground and I see lot's of potential after playing the PES 2010 demo! I wonder if anyone will accepted playing against Real Madrid online I guess not!

tigresa4326d ago

I sure hope it's not just a new box with a new year slapped on it! Demo sounds okay. I'm definitely on the fence about if it's going to be enough of an improvement though.