Malware 'hijacks Windows Updates'

Virus writers may be able to smuggle malicious files onto a computer using Microsoft's security patch updates, experts say.

At least one program is in circulation that can hijack a key component of Windows Update to introduce malicious software that could be used to hijack a computer.

The method bypasses users' firewall, allowing files to download undetected.

Microsoft said it was aware of reports of the attack.

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Skynetone4478d ago

This would be a gold

for those people having problems why not try
avg free
spyware blaster
zone alarm

gta_cb4478d ago

if this is to do with Vista Zone Alarm doesnt work =( AVG does and so does avast but i dont know about anything else.

BIadestarX4478d ago

This is the price to pay for being the most use OS in the market. Pretty much every hacker's target is Windows... and trust me.. most of these hackers are very gifted and smart people... It requires a lot more brains and skills to reverse engineer and hack systems that were designed to be secured. Lucky for Mac an Linux (though they have security updates just like windows) that they are not the #1 target... just yet.