Second party developer annoyed by Sony

Examiner: Q-Games, the developer behind the popular PixelJunk series, isn't too happy about the way Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is handling their latest title, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for PSP.

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gaffyh5408d ago

Sad to hear that such a great dev is being unappreciated :(

Shadow Flare5408d ago

Q games is one of my favourite developers. I love how they try to make all their games completely different. Sony what are you doing? Show off their talent! Can't wait for pixeljunk shooter

Sunny_D5408d ago

They really are being unappreciated, but hey atleast the guy is cool about it and not having a rage attack like some devs such Dennis Dyack, David Jaffe, etc... Indies are what innovate this industry.

Megaton5408d ago

Yeah, that's pretty lame on Sony's part. PJ Monsters is way better than Crystal Defenders.

gaffyh5408d ago

I agree dude, Crystal Defenders is crap compared to PJ

Mr Logic5408d ago

It is sad, but it also makes sense since like the article said they are trying to sell it to the Japanese audience, which is most likely more interested in Crystal Defenders.

P.S. Q-games is awesome I love Monsters even though Eden was too hard for me.

whothedog5408d ago (Edited 5408d ago )

Yes Sony should fix that, I believe that is completely crazy, SE hasn't done much for Sony til recently but Q-games been there since....

EDIT : never mind, not the beginning but they are still better

EDIT 2 : I didn't play Racers but Monsters and EDEN was such good games. I'm looking forward to Shooter.

McRad5408d ago

Well they've been there for a while, Q designed the XMB and the audio visualizations afterall.

ThanatosDMC5408d ago

Crystal Defenders is just horrible compared to PJ Monsters.

pixelsword5407d ago

because that's what the Developers said.

Ju5407d ago

Tough luck, though. Square might have put some pressure on Sony. They know with the FF release (and bundle) they will sell a sh!t load of games (and PS3s). Time to face reality for the little ones. Sad, but that's the way of the world.

Christopher5407d ago

This should have been expected. They can't show everything and they're obviously going to focus on items specific to the region. You don't go to E3 and focus on a Gundam game over God of War.

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rCrysis5408d ago

Just cause Square-Enix is huge in Japan doesn't mean you can just ignore these awesome devs.

Go Q Games!!

DeforMAKulizer5408d ago

Anyone else notice that the twitter posts no longer exist?!? Last one was 19 hours ago, about how awesome TGS has been...

swiftshot935408d ago

Lame on Sony's part, Q games FTW

McRad5408d ago

That's quite unfortunate especially considering the PS3 was like the last to even GET Crystal Defenders. PJM is far superior to that game anyway.