Bayonetta Team Not Discussing PlayStation 3 Version At TGS writes:

After initial reports out of Japan that the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta does not appear to be on the same technical level as the Xbox 360 version -- suffering from frame rate hiccups, for example -- and an explanation from developer Platinum Games that Sega actually ported Bayonetta to the PlayStation 3, I was curious to ask the development team about that process at Tokyo Game Show.

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WildArmed4325d ago

I thought the same team that worked on DMC4 was on this?

They pulled off both versions of DMC4 to be beautiful as ever.
I hope that this game won't disappoint.

gamesR4fun4325d ago

we got plenty more games to make up for it eh.

4325d ago
Daver4325d ago

not interested anymore.. it looked to be great but ps3 version seems lacking

WildArmed4324d ago

I only plan to pick this up on my PS3 coz I prefer the controller for action games.

So if they are gonna disappoint in the PS3 front, I wont be buying :(

I'm stilling holding out for a miracle. (DMC4 were equally great on both consoles)

DelbertGrady4324d ago

Are you adding Crysis to that list as well? That argument just tells us that you know nothing about graphics processing.

rCrysis4324d ago

buh buh the disk installs all this compressed data into the MANDATORY hard drive a computer is supposed to have.

therefore Crysis isn't limited to 9.2 whatever gigs a dvd9 is. unfortunately there cannot be mandatory 360 installs

chaosatom4324d ago

by making a ps3 version.

Then it's their loss.

Capcom should give enough resources, so they can have two teams work on separate console at the same time.

beardpapa4324d ago

Bayonetta will sell great in Japan. Think about it. What horny Japanese otaku wouldn't want to play as a female witch with hair used as clothes... and also gets naked to do special attacks? It's almost like being a kid and watching Elvira attacking monsters in your tv ... naked... while squeezing her cleavage together to suffocate baddies.

Dir_en_grey4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

DMC4 is done by Capcom with Capcom's in house engine.
Bayonetta is done by Platinum Games, being ported and published by SEGA for the PS3 with SEGA's engine and NOT Capcom's.
If people still can't figure out why there is currently a quality difference between DMC4 and Beyonetta on the PS3, I dunno what else to say..

mastiffchild4324d ago

But, they(Platinum) said last week that there would be a difference between the FINISHED versions as well-only last week!

Doesn't bode well for me as I was looking forward to the game but if I had to use the 360 pad I think I'd give it a miss(just can't play games like DMC4 with the thing!)so I'm hoping Sega can turn this around-they've got a while but I don't hold much hope when Platinym were saying this stuff only last week.

The history of games ported to PS3 from 360 by devs other than the game creators is sganny to say the very least. I hope this isn't going to be EA/Orange Box rebisited as these days there's no real excuse for that kind of mess up.

barom4324d ago

This was one of my most anticipated games and it disappoints me to the gut that this team will let me down. I'll definitately won't support some stinky ass port. PlatinumGames just killed the fan in me, Hideki Kamiya's games won't even be on my radar anymore, same as the Shinji Mikami games. To think that I forced myself to like this game more than I did. I guess I can finally unleash the "it's just a DMC clone" that I so desperately tried to hide. Same with "Madworld actually sucked and deserved it's lagging sales".

Man PlatinumGames, why you gotta let me down like this. Never wanted you guys to be exclusive to the PS3 or anything (my obviously preferred platform) but at least do the "port" justice so I know I'm not getting a gimped version. How can I be a PlatinumGames fan and buy the gimped version!? Definitately won't be dishing out any extra 200$, that's for sure.

pixelsword4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Isn't this made by Platinum Games in cooperation with Sega? Hideki Kamiya made the Devil May Cry series, but I think that's the only connection.

Am I right or did I miss something?

Thanks if you know, 'cause I don't I guess.

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madkrazygames4325d ago

platinum games were supposedly working on Bayonetta for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Instead, they just worked on the 360 version and ported the PS3 version to Sega. So everybody's waiting to see how they look at TGS. Platinum games are still overseeing the development process of the PS3 version, but Sega is going do the hard work. I hope it works out to their benefit, if not, they're screwed.

infamous_274325d ago

It just proves Platinum Games is not as talented as we thought. They couldn't even port a game properly...

DelbertGrady4324d ago

Or it tells us that the 360 is much easier to develop for than the PS3. Calling the creator of Devil May Cry untalented just sounds wrong.

facepalm4324d ago

If anything this proves that porting stuff from the X360 to the PS3 is stupid.

hulk_bash19874324d ago

This is just another example of why its important for multiplat devs to consider making PS3 its lead console.

theDutchFella4324d ago

that "easier to develop for" argument is complete crap. This isn't 2007 anymore. Dev's have had more than enough time to work with the PS3, and if they stop complaining and just put some work in, maybe they could make games half as good as something like Uncharted 2.

Simon_Brezhnev4324d ago

@ Soda Popinsky

you know damn well you aint care about devil may cry until it came to 360

DelbertGrady4324d ago

Then why did I enjoy part 1 and 3 on the PS2 so much?

v1c1ous4324d ago

because, as we all know, xbox 360 owners have NEVER EVER owned a playstation console.


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Megaton4325d ago

Really disappointed with all of this. Bayonetta was pretty high up on my wanted list.

UltimateIdiot9114324d ago

I have to agree but now I feel like they aren't exactly giving 100% or at least 90% on it. Well, I guess this will spare my wallet some pain and pick it up when it's 20.

Ninji4325d ago

It will fall to the bargain bin soon. It already reeks of mediocrity as you can clearly see in the trailers.

Sk8boyP4324d ago

Yes, cause if it's not up to a PS3 fanboys standards it's not going to be a good game.


ReviewsArePolitics4324d ago

Sorry, 360 fanboy avatar takes credibility from anything you say. Oh, and 360 fanboy standards must be very low...

54percent4324d ago

"Sk8boyP - 13 minutes ago
1.1 -
Yes, cause if it's not up to a PS3 fanboys standards it's not going to be a good game.

/facepalm "

*cough*infinite unfloppey+every360flops already told beingflops*cough*

chaosatom4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Maybe they don't think that the game is good, so why waste making a ps3 version. Right?

Lots of games are going to go by un-noticed in this time of year.

skatezero2464324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

no you got it all wrong man, it's just that most ps3 fans are waiting on god of war 3 which will make bayonetta look bad ... it's prety simple really why would it be up to are standards when god of war 3 is coming ... sorry you DON'T have standards

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