More Brain Training to Europe in June

It was rumoured only just last week but now it's confirmed, for Europe at least. That's right the aptly named "More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?" is heading to Europe and soon on June 29th. Similar to the first game, "More Brain Training" features the same format as the original but with new puzzles and activities to test your brain age against.

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RedSeven4198d ago

Why don't they just have downloadable content instead of constant new games?

sumfood4u4198d ago

Remember when the PS2 had 2 control slots? People had 2 buy a $49~dollar 5~slot exspantion for games like Maddedn, an Smackdown. It's a marketing investment!

ITR4198d ago

Probably cause it will sell a million copies or near that.