Halo 3 Interview with Frank O'Connor

With gamers eager to jump into the Halo 3 beta, due out May 16, GameDaily met with Bungie's writing lead Frank O'Connor, who did an excellent job answering the beta questions while keeping all of the juicy stuff under wraps.

What have you learned from Halo and Halo 2, and how have you applied that to this game?

BUngie's Frank O'Connor talks about his Halo 3 experiences.
Multiplayer is very evolutionary. I say this a lot, but it's like a sport. That's why it's 16 players and not 24 or 12. It works best with a maximum of 16 players. The reality is people prefer to play smaller games anyway, such a five on five or maybe six on six. One of the big practical differences this time is the addition of things. We've already seen panic on the Internet over the addition of equipment, but philosophically, we like to build in balance where we can. I think you'll see that equipment is the biggest measure of change within the game because it auto balances. So the shield for example, you drop the shield and you have that glassy igloo effect. More within..

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m000b14173d ago

ye where is the beta I want to play it.

neogeo4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

16 player is good for small to mid size maps. Anymore then that and you will die to fast. When playing Fall of Man, if you chose a small map with 40 people in a small room the very second you start playing you get blasted by like 10 people. It gets to the point were skill is thrown out the window.

On the other hand. When your on a huge map in FOM or even Unreal 4. 30/40 is better. If there is a huge game map and only 16 people are in game then you will find yourself lonely, wondering around the wilderness looking at the grass blow in the wind.

I must disagree with
"The reality is people prefer to play smaller games anyway, such a five on five or maybe six on six".

(Translation) We don't have the processing power to make it 40 player online or the game would have frame rate problems.

I'm not flaming the game but I'm sure I lose another bubble for my personal thoughts. I'm just smelling some BS from Mr. O'Connor.

The BS Police4172d ago

Actually smaller maps in Halo 2 seem to be the most popualr, Lockout, Turf and Midship are three of the msot popular maps.

The fact is Halo works better with 16 players, that is what makes the game playable.

neogeo4172d ago

Your talking about a last gen game. This is an all new Halo.
Lets not live in the past. Will Halo 4,5,6 be 16 player? I sure hope not.

toughNAME4172d ago

stop doing interviews and GET BACK TO WORK

neogeo wtf r u talkin about....small maps ususally equals better in halo
and there will be no halo 4,5,6
...dont bother with comparisions to RFOM..jus embaressing yourself

neogeo4172d ago

Your little tiny maps. Why don't you just make it 2 player online?
Face it. 360 has some power problems. If you make a game look as good Gears,then It can't be more then 4 player online. thats why Halo3 only looks OK. whats next?

The BS Police4172d ago

Bungie has settled this issue when Halo 1 was released, they ahve tested Halo 3 with more than 20 players before, and it was not fun.

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