TGS 09: New Final Fantasy Agito XIII Direct Feed Screenshots Although we were told that nothing relating to Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Final Fantasy Agito XIII would be appearing at TGS, it seems that was a lie. Two new direct feed screenshots of Final Fantasy Agito XIII have been released.

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40cal4320d ago

I am dieing for more info on this game, mostly from the story and gameplay standpoints.

Shendow4320d ago

IGN has this game listed as a PSP game, which is why it lacks looking as good as FF13 and FF14.

coolfool4320d ago

it is a PSP game. It was originally for mobile phones which as a game platform in japan is quite big but as it isn't so much here in the west the decision was made to port it to the PSP.

I think the graphics look ok for a psp game. Not amazing but not bad.

castdreams4320d ago

It's-- Beautiful! Definately going to be a must have game for PSP owners!