TGS 09: Japanese Heavy Rain trailer

A trailer from Tokyo Game Show of the upcoming PS3 exclusive Psychological Thriller

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Gamer_Politics5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

i wanna buy this game... but will it be more than just random qte events?

Fishy Fingers5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Google it (or use Related game/stories at the top). There is far more information out there than you'll receive via an N4G comment. But to put it simply, yes.

rockleex5118d ago

The game that made QTE famous, is considered one of the best games of all time.

I wouldn't worry if I were you.

The only scenes where there is QTE is the action scenes. And Heavy Rain is much more of a thriller than an action game.

In short, you won't be playing QTE sequences for the majority of the game.

tientch15118d ago

more and more interested in this game.
even more than uncharted 2 now.

Aquarius5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Thrillers is my favourite movie genre.

I'm very interested in this and can't wait to here more :)

So glad I have a PS3.


Please stop comparing video games to movies

"Many video games catch not only great commercial attention but remarkable critical attention as well. We have seen games like Heavy Rain, The Last of Us Part II, and even entries in the Metal Gear series described as fantastic interactive experiences, even heralded in the same way as Hollywood's greatest films.

I would suggest that not only is this an unfair comparison but also a harmful one. Video games, by their very nature, are an intricately different medium and should be weighed against one another rather than another form of media," Phillip writes for GF365.

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Fist4achin1048d ago

Yes, please stop. They're better than most hollywood drivel nowadays.

BLAKHOODe1048d ago

I think Hollywood films will becoming increasingly more like video games in the future, especially as the world embraces the "new normal" from the pandemic. It makes sense, as games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales showcase just how realistically we're reaching in graphical capabilities, as well as showcase extreme action sequences in spectacular ways. And as time goes by, it'll get easier and cheaper to produce such "art", as well as create new star "actors" that never age, never die, never complain, never gets involved in scandals, etc. Technology is amazing and we're only just getting a taste of what it'll eventually be.

sourOG1048d ago

No. Some games are like movies.

medman1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

No. For the money spent, a quality game provides far more entertainment value than a quality movie. Especially when looking at what is going on in the world, and how a studio can attempt to pilfer from consumers by charging 30 dollars for Mulan via streaming. Ridiculous. There is no comparison....games all day.


The David Cage Experience: Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain

What exactly is the David Cage experience, and is it of value? We examine two classics, Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, to find the answer.

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Quantic Dream Celebrates Heavy Rain's 10 Year Anniversary With New Video Series

Quantic Dream has announced a new video series to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Heavy Rain. Check out the first part here.

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ClayRules20121206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Have you played Detroit? While it’s my personal favorite, I fully understand many preferring Heavy Rain more. I’m glad you enjoyed Heavy Rain too.

bouzebbal1206d ago

def. one of my top 3 best experiences on PS3

ClayRules20121205d ago


That’s awesome to hear! What’re the other 2 best experiences?

akaFullMetal1206d ago

Great game, need to get started on Detroit soon.

ClayRules20121206d ago

Glad you enjoyed the game! Yes, Detroit is a masterpiece of a game, and their best work to date “in my opinion”

ClayRules20121206d ago

Wow, 10 years...and yet, still one of the best/most emotional/thrilling gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

So grateful to Sony for believing in Quantic Dream’s vision for this game, and giving them a chance. I’ll never forget David Cage saying “We want to challenge the player, but not with the controller, but mentally, with their decisions of “How far would you go to save someone you love” Well, they broke my emotional gamer heart lol.

My teenage son refuses to play this game, because I’ve told him in little detail the emotional impact it had on me all those years ago. Maybe one day he will.

Z5011206d ago

Still have my origami crane they teach you how to make when you're installing for the first time.

C-H-E-F1205d ago

it's been 10 years? wow, that was so fast, I feel like this console gen went fast as well although it hasn't. I really look forward to the PS5 this holiday season though.