Halo 3 Beta Via Crackdown Delayed

Frankie over at the Bungie forums has posted a response to the 30 min delay. To get some of you caught up users trying to download it via Crackdown still have the beta option grayed out. Frankie responded with the following message:

Crackdown Delay: We Know!
Posted by Frankie at 5/16/2007 5:22 AM PDT
With any luck this will be a short delay. People enetering the Beta through other methods - Friends and Family, Rule of Three and so on, are unaffected.

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Saint Sony4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

This is really bad for the people who bought the Crackdown just because of the BETA access for Halo3.

Edit: (eques judicii below)
Yes, you are right, of course it hurts everyone at least a bit :)
I bought Crackdown mainly because of the beta access, but the game itself was a really nice surprise. I did not like the demo when it came, but have to admit I really like Crackdown now... buut I want Halo3 beta NOW :)

eques judicii4481d ago

it sucks for everyone who wants to play halo 3 beta. those already in are playing with a limited number of people.... it also sucks for people who bought crackdown for crackdown and also want to play halo 3...

closedxxx4481d ago

I'm trying to decide if this statement could make any less sense "it also sucks for people who bought crackdown for crackdown..."
If you bought Crackdown for Crackdown... and you GOT Crackdown, how would this be a disappointment. I bought Crackdown to play Crackdown. Now that the HALO 3 beta has been delayed...... I Can still play CRACKDOWN! This only sucks for those who want to play Halo.

eques judicii4481d ago

yea, that's why i said "it sucks for those who bought crackdown for crackdown and also want to play halo"

you can't pick out part of the quote... say you disagree and then repeat what i said.

gta_cb4481d ago

i am glad i brought it for Crackdown then hehe!
i think its an amazing game, yeh not the best in the world, but especially with thie recent update, it hasnt ruined it, its made it harder, and if you just wanna go on a killing spree then the cheat mode is excellent (Keys to the City)

cuco334481d ago

i really don't get why people would buy a game JUST for a short timed beta demo of another game. patience carries a long way. at least those who were gonna buy crackdown anyways had fun with it with the bonus of getting in the beta. i can care less though... i like the halo series, but i'm more about realistic shooters. i also don't like the sony style hype it has recieved. what if the game isn't as great as it's anticipated to be?

chimes in all the nonpubecent virgens who preach it is either mecca or the opposite of gaming ;)

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FeralPhoenix4481d ago

Yeah, I'm still waiting, myself....but I have to get going anyway so hopefully it will be ready when I get back tommorrow.

ShiftyLookingCow4481d ago

fock stupid delay, I lost one night of sleep for nothing

Tausch4481d ago

its 8:20 by me and is still have it grayed out

Satans Cousin4481d ago

For the lost time,starring at this fricken Crackdown screen,those who bought the game,and aren't able to play should be compensated more extra hours on the Beta before it ends!who is with me on this!!it's only fair,cause there are people who are playing and were not!!

Mr Murda4481d ago

You didn't buy the Halo 3 Beta, you bought Crackdown. I did the same thing, but we're not owed anything. Now, if for some reason we don't ever get access to the beta then there may be something to talk about.

I'm just as excited as you are, but I saw this coming. Especially with some of the issues regarding the new maps for H2.

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The story is too old to be commented.