Last Chance at Halo 3 Beta Glory - Crackdown Deal

Just in time for the kick off of the Halo 3 Beta!

Grab Crackdown today for only $46.99 (22% off) with Free Shipping! It is the Amazon Deal of the Day for Wednesday, May 16, 2007. Each copy contains access to the Halo 3 Beta starting today also!

Check it out:

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Lacarious4200d ago

The timing on this is PRICELESS!

sticky doja4200d ago

So maybe when it arrives at their doorsteps the BETA will actually be available for play.

time2die4200d ago

Yeah fantastic marketing for a game with No beta available to play..Serves the suckers right for there stupidity at not testing.

Deafman4204200d ago

Wasnt ever gonna happen. M$ just wanted to sell Crackdown. They'll probably just release some videos on the marketplace of people playing it and say they had problems getting the demo thru crackdown up on ur 360s. Or maybe some crackdown discs just wont allow u onto the Halo 3 demo at all. Nice MS. Real Nice