Gaming Trend: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review

Gaming Trend writes: "It's hard to believe that it's been three years since we got our first taste of the Marvel mashup, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Raven did an incredible job with the title, combining cooperative play with a cast of over 25 characters to create an RPG / Action title that garnered stellar reviews, including a 90% from yours truly. Handling the PSP and Wii version was long-time partner Vicarious Visions. One of the first things I had noticed is that Vicarious had taken the reins from Raven for primary development. Raven used the Alchemy engine for the first game, but this time around it seems that Vicarious Visions wanted to play with their own toys. As Deadpool would say, "I've been besmirched! This besmirchment will not stand" – will this title besmirch the series, or bring it to a new level? It was time to grab a pair of controllers and find out."

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