G4TV TGS 09: Tekken 6 PSP First Impressions

G4TV writes: "At this point, Tekken's no stranger to handheld. 2006's Tekken: Dark Resurrection did an amazing job of porting the button-mashing action to the small screen. And if you're super-nostalgic, Sony's had Tekken 2 in the PlayStation Store for a long time. That said, Namco Bandai's been awfully gunshy about showing off the handheld version of its arcade hit until Tokyo. Up until now, the gaming media has only gotten glimpses of Tekken 6 either at arcades (my first playthrough was during TGS last year) or at Namco Bandai's various events. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are right around the corner -- October 27 is the magic date -- but the handheld version will come roughly a month later. There's a huge push behind PSP this fall, and alongside several other franchises that have been evergreen PlayStation franchises, this is a huge one."

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