Need For Speed: Shift vs. DiRT 2 Dual-Review

Introducing GameVisions' first DoubleVisions review! DoubleVisions are double-header reviews which take two directly competing games and review them head-to-head to help you take the guesswork out of which title deserves your hard earned cash!

In this, the first DoubleVisions feature GameVisions compares EA's Need For Speed: Shift against Codemasters' DiRT 2.

From the Review:
"One place that both games exceed above all others is the cockpit view. DiRT 2 provides a very realistic racing cockpit where the driver is very recessed and can't see as much of the track at once as evidence by the screens here. Shift places you more at the front, but the view is still immersive and is light years ahead of the sad, sad little view provided by Forza 2. With either one, those looking for a proper first person view of the track won't be disappointed. In the graphics department, however, DiRT 2 is the winner without question. It's hard to see from the motion-blurred screens here, but if we were to compare the overall graphics to cars, Need For Speed: Shift would be a 4-year-old Mercedes S3 to DiRT 2's Ferrari F1. Shift isn't bad, and many (Forza) would give their right tires for it, but DiRT 2's is simply unbelievable..."

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