Peter Moore is Having a Good Day

And why wouldn't he be happy? In a few months he'll be launching Halo 3, the biggest consumer entertainment product of the year. Elite has been successfully introduced. Xbox Live is hitting all its targets. And best of all, predictions that PlayStation 3 would have overtaken Xbox 360 by the end of 2007 have been proven hopelessly adrift. Everything is coming up Peter.

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Satans Cousin4480d ago

He is a hard worker and he should enjoy his winnings for now,thank's to him,our console gets the attention and focus it needs.Blu Ray,dont want it,dont need it."Home" fun for five minutes,then a desert next time you log in.

Robotz Rule4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

But don't ever doubt the PS3.

It hasn't even been a year!

Observer4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

"It ain't over 'till it's over, champ !"

Marriot VP4479d ago

"it ain't over, till it's over"

What's that from the 80s or something?

xfrgtr4480d ago

Yeah,sure,that's why MS has reduced his forecast to 12 millions by june because of low sale.

AuburnTiger4479d ago

Not only have they reduced their goals for June, they had to release a whole new sku to meet their reduced quota.

bootsielon4480d ago

X360 was predicted to do a lot better. They predicted to sell 12 million by June, they've barely sold 10 million. I gotta give them credit for being partially right though... they will have SHIPPED 12 million by then. Hell, Microsoft doesn't even want to sell that many right now, they're not profiting that much and they're waiting for a cheaper (and more reliable) to manufacture Xbox 360.

My bet: No price drop till after Halo 3 comes out, but the Xbox 360 model will be a new one (65 nm Xenos, 65nm Xenon, cheaper RAM, new motherboard, smaller fan or no fan, perhaps not a HUGE power bar or none, less Xbox 360's exploding, cheaper more silent DVD player). They'll profit a lot from every Xbox 360 shifted by Halo 3. If I was Microsoft and I saw Xbox 360 demand booming and not slowing down with Wii games, PS3 games, Wii and PS3 price drops, I would wait till after the holiday season slowdown to price drop. Unless demand slowed down... but hey, that's just me...

FreeMonk4480d ago

Here won't have a good day if Microsoft don't sort out the Crackdown Halo 3 download soon.

Things are starting to get nasty over on the Bungie forums!

kewlkat0074480d ago


Moore has done well up till now. I'm not gonna go into specifics but this is not about PS3, in the midts of all the issues the 360 has had full steam ahead till X-mas.

candystop4480d ago

Well I can't download the freaking beta for some reason and waited up all night for it! I got the update but still no download and I'm hoping that I didn't by a bad copy of Crackdown or something!

gta_cb4479d ago

he will still have a good day as he is prob playing it right now.

about the beta i know what you mean, i went into a thread and there was about 40 odd pages (think 44) and when i went to page 44 there was 45 and then when i read all/most the comments looking for answers there was then about 60-70 lol loads of people commenting, and the funny thing is the person at the start (i think hes an administrator or something) said dont spam the forum haha!

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The story is too old to be commented.