E3 2006 Winners

The 37 media outlets voting for the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2006 are proud to announce this year's winning games.

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TheMART6208d ago

There we go:

"Best Console Game
Gears of War
(Epic Games / Microsoft Games Studio for Xbox 360)"

"Best Action Game
Gears of War
(Epic Games / Microsoft Games Studio for Xbox 360)"

Sony got owned big time and Killzone 2 has never been seen again. Go out and buy a 360 now and Gears of War at the end of this year. It'll blow your mind as it did at the E3

VirtualGamer6208d ago

Let me guess TheMART is a 360 fan. Considering that developers have had final development kits for the 360 for almost a year and Sony developers where just recieving thier final kits, I would say Sony did pretty good. Infact MS had 2 games win 3 awards and Sony had 2 games win 2 awards. So MS only got one award more then Sony. I wonder if they had given best console game award to one of the 2 Sony winning games and I said MS got owned if you would you agree? Some how I doubt it so forgive me if I say Sony did not get owned. Had Sony only gotten one and MS 4 or 5 then yeah I would agree Sony got owned. A score of 3 to 2 with a years head start on final development kits is not owned. :P

As for Killzone 2, did you ever think they might be holding that one back to be shown at the TGS in September to build excitement for the release in November? What if it turns out to be as good or better then GoW and it also a launch title? Now I am not saying that this will happen, but it could, and it would be a pretty smart move by Sony if they can pull it off. It might be why they bought out the studio designing the game so they could have the control needed to pull something like that off.

The 360 is a good console and GoW is a very impressive game and something fans and MS should be very proud of. Same goes for Mass Effect.

Sexius Maximus6208d ago

If a 360 owner never bought any other game besides these two, it would still be VERY worth it. And yet, there is still so much more goodness coming. Good job MS.

BLow6207d ago

Actually, PC owned the show if you want to down to it. Both M$ and Sony have good games coming out and it is a little early to say That Sony is out. Most of their Games they showed were early and new IP's that no one has heard of. And for people to sit here and say that sony won't have any good games and M$ will is nonsence. Plus Sony had 2 games on the list and the system not even out yet. I have a 360 and it's great but to say it will have all or even most of the good games is just stupid.

Lionel Hutz6206d ago

"Set aside your potty humor for a sec (Nintendo's Wii wins "Best Hardware"? Too easy...)"

I'm sorry but I can't set it aside. Hardware is exactly what the Wii doesn't have! It has innovation and attracts non-gamers because it looks fun. That doesn't mean though that the hardware is better than the PS3's or the 360's. What a joke. Everyone says the PS3 and 360 are just specs in comparison to the Wii. And somehow, they manage to give the specs award to neither of the two systems. It boggles the mind (and the controller is not "hardware"!).

PS360PCROCKS6204d ago

Um buddy if you read the story, Microsoft won 8 awards, but hey nice try...