Newsweek Interviews Peter Moore , Part 1

Newsweek has been sitting on an interview with Microsoft entertainment and devices corporate vice president Peter Moore since January. Today, they are kicking off with the first installment of the four-part interview. Moore, who prior to joining Microsoft in January of 2003 was a veteran of both Reebok and Sega of America, sat down with Newsweek for lunch during the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show at the Brazilian restaurant Rumjungle.

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USMChardcharger4176d ago

Wow...Moore has come from all kinds of directions in life...teacher to shoe salesman to corp.VP @ M$. he wasn't just handed a nice job and good money...he really earned it. got my respect...also nice to hear he takes the time to learn the history and culture in the country he now lives.

kewlkat0074176d ago

has to earn a living somehow...