Source: PS3 getting cross-title voice chat in October

VG247: A source close to VG247 said today that Sony has informed developers of plans to incorporate cross-title voice chat in PS3 play by the end of October.

The feature will be added in Firmware update 3.10, we were told.

Cross-title chat is consistently one of the most asked-for features on PS3 – looks like Sony's ready to deliver.

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dreamcast4329d ago

Why wouldn't they mention this at TGS?

Not holding by breath, but it'd be nice.

Sunny_D4329d ago

Well I don't know who to trust anymore... I was disappointed to find out that 3.00 didn't have it, and that even though Super_Secret is reliable, he said that it was MIA in another post. Maybe EA have decided to quit holding Sony back? Who knows...

LiquifiedArt4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

...sounds like a websites' plea for hits. If this is true then the noise produced by slamming EA was a good thing.


Super_Secret said:

"I promised you all an update on Cross-Game chat, so here it is.

And you're not going to like it.

As I told you before, Cross-game voice chat has been in the works for a while now. I mentioned last time that it was on target for 3.0 providing that we didn't hit any snags. Well guess what, we hit a snag! An all too familiar snag.

Time for a history lesson.

How many of you remember what it was like before FW 2.4? That's right - no in-game XMB. No custom soundtracks. In-game XMB was the most heavily requested feature at the time and we worked tirelessly in order to get it in (By "we", I mean Sony Japan - as I said before, FW isn't my department). It very nearly didn't happen, you have no idea how difficult it is to backport a feature like that onto a system (the game) that doesn't even know its there, but somehow we managed it. Well, for most titles. There are still the odd few titles out there that don't support in-game XMB ("black" titles).
Custom soundtracks was another one we had working in nearly every title. Obviously it was never going to work in black titles, but about 95% of the titles that worked well with the in-game XMB, had custom sountracks working as well.

So what happened? Why is it that titles HAVE to be developed specifically with custom soundtrack support when it was working more or less just fine?

Is it because Microsoft owns the patent on custom soundtracks in games?

This is something that makes me laugh every time I see one of the less educated ones spouting it off. That's an absolute fabrication. Patents don't matter, Sony as a while infringes upon thousands of patents through the whole company, both hardware and software. If you infringe a patent, you pay royalties to the owner or find a different way of doing the same thing that doesn't infringe. That's it. Microsoft infringes upon all kinds of patents we own but that's up to legal to sort out.

No, the reason we had to drop Custom soundtrack support like that has nothing to do with Microsoft. It does, however, involve a different company. A rather large company.
You see, one of their games happened to fall into the 5% that didn't support in-game custom soundtracks. And they did not like this.
When they found out that a new firmware update was going to suddenly make one of their games look inferior to just about every other game released, they protested. A lot.
They threatened everything, from legal action to dropping support for the PS3 all together.

What could we do? There was almost no way of getting it to work correctly due to the way their game was made (i.e. Poorly) and we certainly couldn't leave a broken implementation in there. That's when the hard decision was made to remove all support for older titles and instead adopt the "opt-in" approach that, to this day, most developers simply ignore. I have to hand this to Microsoft - they did their system right from the beginning and by completely separating it from the developers, they have universal support. Its very unlikely that you'll ever see mandatory support for custom soundtracks in games on our system, I'm afraid.
So yeah, lets nail this on the head: The next time someone starts blaming Microsoft for something the PS3 doesn't have, tell them they're an idiot, they don't know what they're talking about. Are we clear on this? This is a pet peeve of mine because while everyone's happy to go around blaming Microsoft, the real culprits are getting off scott-free. Of course, I can't actually name them directly or, should I get caught, I might even get done for slander (you can never be too careful), but you can figure it out - it's not Activision and they have a poor history with the PS3.
Proof of Truth:

So what has this got to do with Cross-game voice chat?


I warned you that we might hit a snag and we did. We've found a couple of titles that just don't like it. Similar to the custom soundtrack fiasco, it can cause lag, crashes, desyncronisation (very very bad when this happens), you name it. It can't be used in these games and it just so happens that some of these games are owned by the same company I've been talking about above.
So we're in a predicament: Cross-game chat is useless if only certain games support it. It's not too bad if its just the odd one that doesn't like it, but at this rate we'd have to drop support for the ENTIRE back catalogue, which would (As I said) make the whole thing useless.
Furthermore, we can't rely on developers to implement direct support for it. It didn't work with Custom Soundtracks, so why would it work here?
So right now, we're trying every little trick in the book to find a solution that works for everyone, but don't hold your breath on this one, so far it looks like the best you're going to get is a gimped implementation of it that only works with a handful of new games.

Now as I said, FW isn't actually my department and even I'm not supposed to know some of this stuff, but this is actually where we are right now. It sucks majorly, but there you have it. Depending on the end result,

---->it could come in FW 3.1<------

or it could come in FW 4.0, hell it might not even come at all but rest assured they are working very hard on it. And if it doesn't come, you know who to blame."

Jinxstar4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

"Cross-title chat is consistently one of the most asked-for features on PS3"

No it's not. Not in my viewing(Trolling) of it anyway... It's just one of the things 360 fans use to say their system is better... I don't care about it. Be honest fellow PS3 fans. Do you really care about this feature? just curious.

gamesR4fun4329d ago

not gonna hold my breath for it anyways psn works fine for all my gaming needs. We got voice n video for up to 6 at a time and text chat (works ingame 2) and if we just wanna talk in a big group for clan stuff we go ingame or hook up on home.

Chubear4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Now, when it does arrive what will be the new excuse for paying $250 extra every gen just to access the online part of games you already bought?

What? FM Radio? Facebook? The privilege to have had this feature for the past 2yrs? yeah ok.

Carl14124329d ago

I wouldn't think they would announce it at TGS, but i still don't believe this.

If it was the Ars mole saying it, i'd believe it. But i don't trust VG247's source.

We'll find out next month i guess!

Persistantthug4329d ago

I mean, If I'm playing Madden, or GTA online, or COD4 or whatever.....

I'm typically engrossed into what I'm doing...I don't wanna talk to other people, friends or foes, while I'm scoring my touchdown or lining up my next headshot. I'm like, send me a text, I'll get back at you later.
But maybe that's just me.

Harry_Manback4329d ago

I still don't care. But I guess I'll take it.

whoelse4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Remember when VG247 told us 3.0 would be a "completely new system" a while ago? And there would be grief reporting, reputation system, etc...

Bodyboarder_VGamer4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

"Cross Game Invites" would be more useful and it would make it easier for the newbies to get online. Like it is right now is kinda hard to invite friends to play because every game has its own way to do it...

darthv724329d ago

Like the custom soundtracks that some games allow for. So when it gets updated, older games wont work with it unless there are patches released (like they do for trophies)???

Marceles4329d ago

Yeah I agree with Jinx. Alot of people here only want cross game chat just because it's one of the features, other than Netflix, that pro-Xbox Live people say is a good reason to pay for Live.

raptorjacob4329d ago

@ jinkster

i dont care about it. i might like it if it comes, but im not pulling my hair out because i dont have it.

SH3MRON4329d ago can we have an option to mute players on any game forever and a local game search?

RememberThe3574329d ago

But I'm sure people who know more gamers then me will use it a lot.I really don't know many gamers.

Elvfam5114329d ago

for the people that wanted it i will use it but i was fine without it

off topic
Not only that Capcom for the second time first with RE5 and now with Lost planet 2 cross game invites

here's some pictures i took with my phone

Blaster_Master4329d ago

Just goes to show you how everyone on N4G, again, is in the minority when it comes to requested features such as cross game chat? Don't believe me when I say cross game chat is the most requested feature for the psn you say? Click on this link and then come back and talk about how its YOU that doesn't need the feature. And how its YOU that doesn't care if you ever get it.

As for me and my friends, we cant wait to get it. And to everyone here that wants to disagree, I really want you to sit back and take a second to realize how irrelevant your voice and opinion really stands on this God forsaken website for fanboys of all types. Go ahead, eat your hearts out.

bjornbear4329d ago

i couldn't care less, it won't make me enjoy my PS3 anymore than i already'd be cool but, i'm happy with playing the games, not worriing about the services...

rockleex4329d ago

Is when inviting people to my party.

Jinxstar4329d ago

Blaster master. Look at my agrees and disagrees above. Take about half the disagrees as 360 fans and you have a very small minority of people who would say it's one of their their "most" requested features... Too me all it would be is one less leg for 360 fans to stand on being one of the only reasons I want it...

It's cool though.

leyego4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

whoopy...... id never use it. so this is another feature i wont touch

@rockleex i hope u don't mean a party party where ppl come over and hang out at your house. if so then get a life dude... theres other things to do then sit in front of ur pc or gaming console all day.

last time i checked u can always call them... u no on the phone.

mastiffchild4329d ago

I just hope that whatever is holging it up continues to do so forever. IMO it's one thin I really like about PSN-that there's NO bloody X game chat. Are we so impatient that we can't wait for someone to have a break/finish their game before yammering on to them?

It meant I had to stop playing TF2 on Live(people were getting distracted talking to their mates wrecking the games-and you KNOW how rare a really great TF2 game can be at the best of times)anmd would do the same on PSN if it ever arrives. Most of my mates feel the same way I do and say it ruins all team based games where communication is any use(whereas I just feel it's entirely pointless, can be abused and should be taken out of Live as well!)-I don't think it's a universally desired option at all.

I think it's become way more important as a thing to beat PSN over the head with vy a few Xnox lovers and as a result has become a kind of Holy Grail to some PS3 fans-the reality would be far more mundane and, like on Live, not everyone would even bother with it and it would make certain games(imagine MAG ruined by it!)virtually unplayable.

I know I'm prolly going to get some hatred for this but, honestly, is it THAT big a deal? I live in fear of it ever coming to PSN.

Clarence Callahan4329d ago

that's a bubble for you, mate!
i like your opinion, i fully agree with you!

Redempteur4329d ago

I'll say it. :

I don't care...

A simple pop up while i'm playing Rb is enough to send me a message.
A simple pop up while i'm playing killzone 2 Online is quite clear.

Being bothered by some voice ( even if it's a friend ) when i'm getting ready to take up a objective in KZ is just annoying .

If it comes .. it better have the option to turn it off ..

Blaster_Master4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Dude, did you even look at the comment section in the official playstation blog firmware 3.0 page? 95% of the people are screaming for cross game chat on there. And the only way for anyone to post on that page is if they have a psn account,, not some made up names on this bullcrap site where any troll can flame on any article.

I see what your implying though. Yes, there are people ON THIS SITE that sit here with multiple accounts and cry, b8tch and moan about not having the feature, just so they can make themselves feel better, but to say that only a few people are requesting that feature is just pure ignorant.

Believe it or not, there is more to life then N4G. Most gamers around the world have never heard of this site. And really, the only reason why IGN, and most sites even get hits is cause their stuff is on iTunes. They aren't as relevant as they make themselves out to be. If anything its the complete opposite. Most of you on here dont care, but most people around the world would really love cross game chat. Plain and simple as that. Stop trying to stop the inevitable. Its gonna happen even if you negative Nacy's could care less. Hows that for ya punks?

GCNSean4329d ago

I am not holding my breath. I really think it would have been announced at TGS. People and their so-called sources... It is basically the same as my mail man telling me that Mario will be on the PS3 and Xbox. When we hear from SONY themselves I will believe it...

gaffyh4329d ago

I could honestly not care less for cross game voice chat, my most wanted feature is MKV/h264 support, and subtitle files support.

Actually more than that, all I want, and I'm sure this is the easiest thing possible to implement. Just make the game updates background downloadable, I can't play MAG, because the update is 2.6GB, which I cannot download due to my crappy wireless :(

Jack Meahoffer4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Or you're just a corporation worshiper and thats your motive.

I agree adding cross game invites would help but its still great to quickly relay a msg back saying you'll be a couple minutes or whatever.

Cross game chat makes coordinating games with your friends a MILLION times easier than any other method. That's a FACT not an opinion in the same way that email is better than the post office.

I agree with Blaster Master. The number of agrees and disagrees on this site mean less than zero with all these delusional alternate reality childish fanboys.

SprSynJn4328d ago

To answer your question sir, no I do not. And I seriously doubt the majority of the 22+ million owners of the PS3 do either; the casual owners anyway.

VenomCarnage894328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

saying its pointless and un-needed, your dead wrong.

its fine to not be into it, but to deny that its a huge feature for everyone else is just wrong. i would use this feature everyday, me and my friends on ps3(yes i have friends on there, maybe thats why some of you find it pointless, you have no friends) always chat and practucally every single day it comes up at least once how rediculous it is that we cant go into a game with the chat.

now to anyone who said it ruins their gaming sessions, your looking at it the way you want others to see it, you want it to not sound good, but X game chat isnt about being into a game and then talking to people(which you can alway just... i dont know... not join the chat to begin with) but its about being in a chat and having something to do aside from stare at the wall while you talk to people. i will go into an arcade game that doesnt matter how i do, its just fun to play while talking, or go into the single player of a game and just play if ive already beaten it. hell how about a new game comes out and you and a friend play single player, started atthe same time, and chat during it and can talk one another through it.

and to the people who said we do have chat across games:
you either dont know what your talking about or are just trying to make the system sound more desirable(which it is plenty desirable to begin with) being able to talk to people in an online match does not constitute what we all mean by the chat feature, its just a voice enabled game, thats old news. we are talking sony's universal chat room, the one thats in the XMB, to work across all games, we do not have any form of that across games aside from the text chat, which is truely garbage to begin with. it feels like an AIM chat from 2003 where everyone had cybersex all day. but even worse, it has like a 62 character limit and blocks out half of the english language, and even blocks out a word if its close enough to a foreign obsenity.

I do not see the point or the applicative purposes of cross game invites though, whats so great about it? you get an invite, you still have to take your game out of the ps3 and insert the other disc, only difference is you dont go to the xmb, big woop. i could only see it if it takes you from the XMB(if you were not in a game) right to the room from the message, but thats not cross game invites, that inviting friends not in the game. but either way it only saves like 20 seconds.

ThanatosDMC4328d ago

So after cross-game chat or whatever is implemented. I wonder how Live vs PSN would go...

Blaster_Master4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Look. The XMB is quick, and freakin easy to use. Imagine how much better it would be if it was for use while playing God of War. Only on the ps3 :)

Edit: I heart Bad Company two, hopefully EA doesn't skimp out on the ps3 version just to get back at them. LOL!

syanara4328d ago

oh man g I had a nickel for everytime I heard someone say they got it from a source VERy close to whatever website lol

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saint_john_paul_ii4329d ago

it sounds like Raiding The EA Website Did work after all, LOL

Sunny_D4329d ago

Was thinking the same thing. We already know it's EA.

-EvoAnubis-4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Yeah, you just might be right. Although I disapprove of how some people were doing it, EA must have gotten the hint and folded.

If this is true, I mean.

locos854329d ago

Everytime there is a rumor of a new patch it always seems to include cross game chat. So I will take this with a pound of salt.

Fishy Fingers4329d ago

If it comes good I'm sure it'll make a lot of people happy. Personally its a feature I have little interest in, what I'd prefer is a private channel, although I assume thats how cross-game would function so it could be win win.

dalibor4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Same here, I would rather have the XMB work while I am watching a movie or playing PS1 games so I can be able to text friends while watching a movie or playing PS1 games. This option is not available yet. I like to text more so than actually put on a damn mike & talk while doing something else, that's what you do when you play a game online together. Xcross game chat is not for me I guess but if you really want to talk to a online buddy why not use private mike chat or actually play a game together & use mikes. Isn't that the point of playing online? If it comes out I would use it but it's not like my most wanted feature. At least for me.

Jack Meahoffer4328d ago

Private channel, multiple channels that you can bounce around quickly. It makes setting up games so easy.

PirateThom4329d ago

Microsoft are buying EA, so Sony don't have to appease them anymore.

LiquifiedArt4329d ago

Microsoft IS NOT buying EA.

Stop spreading nonsense.

El_Colombiano4329d ago

That will NEVER happen. EA is too big a company.

Optical_Matrix4329d ago

Tom, seriously man, don't say things like that. It scary to think of a company having that much control over the market. Not even Xbro's should be happy about this. It would just mean MS would start to dominate the whole industry like they do the software industry, and that cannot happen.

Pennywise4329d ago

You guys need sarcasm detectors.

rockleex4329d ago

But those words brought me such nightmares, I ended up giving him a disagree for that. <_<

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Dom63904329d ago

I do hope this is true but I wouldn't bet on it!