Rumor: DS Lite Screens Turn Yellow, Gross

The DS Lite hasn't exactly been trouble free. When the portable launched back in 2006, it was plagued with hinge cracks. Now, a year later, gamers in Japan are claiming that the screen's for the first batch have since turned "yellowish" and deteriorated in picture quality.

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Babylonian4171d ago

I just want the redesigned PSP.

ITR4171d ago

Well I bought my DS Lite in Jan. No cracks or yellowness. I even took the first one back due to a dead pixel.

Could be from smoking. I have toys were the plastic has gone all yellow due to my parents smokes and direct sunlight.

Leathersoup4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

My DS screen is perfectly clear. No yellowness here either. I'd guess they were smokers too.

Babylonian4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

I don't think it has to do with smoking. I read what some people were commenting on Kotaku, some had it and some didn't. A few stated that it had nothing to do with smoking.

It must be some kind of manufactering flaw. I presume that the DS is manufactured in different factories, so maybe some factories used cheap material or something. These things happen sometime. Look for example at the Xbox 360 drives, the Samsung and the Toshiba drives were causing scratches but the Hitachi ones didn't.

ITR4171d ago

Nicotine will turn most everything yellow over time.

UV rays with heat will cause fadding in most colors.
(I have faded jeans now because of this)

It could be a QA issue but sometimes it's just normal stuff..that causes this.

BenQ makes the best drive for the 360.

midgard2294171d ago

all products have defects, come on how is this news unless it happened to everyone

Leo Atrox4171d ago

Touch screen getting yellow-tinged. That couldn't be caused by the oils from their grimey hands, could it?

gta_cb4171d ago

cool! a custom colour! ;)