Who Killed E3?

Today would have been the first day of E3 2007 and GamingNexus takes a look at the reasons why thousands of gamers aren't crowding the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center this week. They look at the roles that Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, the press, fanboys, the game publishers, and the ESA had in the downfall of the event.

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shikwan4479d ago

Sony, of course. They're bad PR, BS and blindly, ignorant fanboys made E3 a circus.

Think about it....MS and Nintendo have plenty to show (if E3 were to happen this year) while Sony has nothing that they could show until (would be) E3 2008.

[email protected] 0n, S0ny [email protected]!

capefearhollywood4479d ago

as much as i dislike sony i wouldnt say it was them. i would say its the little kids and teenagers from video game stores going to the event and ruining a professional show.

clownfacemcgee4479d ago

You need to read the article before you post. And the article was right in my opinion. The big devs killed E3 because they had to spend millions of dollars and make gigantic stands, when they could generate the same amount of PR for a lot less money outside of E3. E3 was great for small devs who couldn't tout their product on billboards and tv. It was extensively covered online and through magazines, so the little devs could get the support they needed and the PR they needed. I'm sure the big boys like EA, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft didn't like that any.

kamakazi4479d ago

good to know even the most retarded have first day on this site. way to go

WilliamRLBaker4479d ago

SOny killed E3 they had the biggest booths the most booth babes...ect

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Antan4479d ago

One year ago to the day, i alongside many thousands of other devs, were patiently waiting in the lobby area of the convention centre, waiting for the doors to get flung open, where a free for all would breakout as the mad scramble for "freebies" would claim many lives (though the claim many lives didn`t happen!!). And now im here in blighty with a work schedule as long as my arms! (i have large arms).

DirtyRat4479d ago

It was originally an industry only event, opening the doors to the public is what caused its downfall as it became a huge PR circus with millions being spent on stands. Basically it lost the plot.

BlackIceJoe4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

shikwan as much as people want to say the reason E3 is gone is because of Sony I do not think it is true. I do think they played a big part it more so then the guy who wrote this article. But not as big as some people would like.

Also like in the article there were lots of things that were a factor it was not just one sided. So I have to agree with what I just read there were lots of things that made E3 not return.

That being said I do think come next year E3 might come back only because lots of people want it to come back.

As for your other question about at this E3 Sony does not have that much to show. I think you are wrong Sony has some of these biggest first party member's they even could be better then some of Nintendo's.

What I am saying is Team Ico makes great games Factor 5 is making White Knight, Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Zipper Interactive. That is only to name a few not really going into second party.

I do think though is still sad to see E3 go so I hope that some how E3 can return to the way it was before but have more control over it this time around.

shikwan4479d ago

G4 killed it! Too much sucky, one-sided coverage.

sumfood4u4479d ago

Because a lot of Bee~Bee kids running a muck, & spent a lot of money on like Millions on Bizarre Stands. Think about this Comic/Anime conventions, & Cosplay go hand in hand! There's always Anime conventions happening! So I think it has to due with a mix of Bee~Bee & Millions down the drain! They might need to Take hints, or clue from Anime conventions, cause they are ovious doing it right! Believe It!

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