Aegis Wing Available Now for Free

The Intern project, known as Aegis Wing is available for free download right not on Xbox LIVE Arcade! It support 4 player co-op either locally or over Xbox LIVE. Free for a limited time, so get downloading!

Make sure to queue it up after the Halo 3 beta ;)

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ThaGeNeCySt4268d ago

this game is real hard in SP

Alymon4268d ago

I did not enjoy single player. I'll have to try it with friends tonight.

At least it was free.

Captain Tuttle4268d ago

Not really fun. Maybe MP will be better. At least it was free.

Syko4268d ago

I gotta download this when I get home for sure. It's cool that we get a free game after M$ jacked us on the new Gears of War map packs. Now I am slightly less pissed about that situation. Probably won't help that I stink at these types of games either, If you are saying it's hard.

k1ngd4n4268d ago

is this coming to the UK aswel?

Syko4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Try setting up a US account. It is simple and free.

Shhhhhhhh ;)

They had that update, but my Jap and UK account still work fine.

Ban Me4268d ago

Yeah I've found you can still download content from the other marketplaces at the moment. I got the Eternal Sonata demo the other day with my Jap account.

My girlfiend is playing C&C3 right now but when she's finished I'll check if I can get this using my US account and post back to let you know.

I think it might be only video and music stuff that's locked to it's own region at the moment. Could be wrong though.

Also, I havent heard anything about this coming to the UK yet.

Close_Second4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

...this is why the shoot-em-up genre has all but died. The only thing positive about this game is that it provides an example of what a good shoot-em-up shouldn't be. What was their mandate for creating the game? to use XNA to create the most sterile gaming experience ever?

Even though this game was free (paying for it would have been criminal) I doubt this will be gracing my HDD for long at all.

Ban Me4268d ago

Haha, is it really that bad?

Look at it this way... it's 200 free gamerpoints :D

I'm scum anyway, I'll take anything thats free!

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