Xbox 360 with Built-in HDMI port? today post an image from "a source who wishes to remain anonymous" of an Xbox 360 motherboard with a built in HDMI port. The source also stated that he has already seen three of these motherboards.

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Marty83705794d ago

M$ are about to screw all you Xbots that bought at launch.Ha Ha.

BIadestarX5793d ago

Why do you consider this a screw? It sounds to me like you are already getting nervous. Besides is not like Sony is putting one of these in the core or handicap ps3 sku. I hope they do; heck I hope they even integrate a HD-DVD drive in it; this will not affect how games play or even look (tip: this is why one of the PS3 SKU does not have HDMI) I would happily buy another XBox 360 and give the one I have to a member of my family, or friend. Besides it comes out cheaper than buying a PS3.

OutLaw5793d ago

Well if it did happen I have a year warranty with Gamestop that if anything happens to my system they will exchange it for a new one. So you know what I'll be doing if this happens before November.

TheMART5793d ago

Someone made made this himself at home.

This is bogus.

It could be that there will be a HDMI on the HD-DVD add on, because HD-DVD can do 1080p also for video output


I agree that this looks like a techie job or a hack. Why would MS add a relatively unsupported AV input in their new system and risk alienating early-adopters? They aren't sony!

I think that the HD-DVD add on will create the HDMI support people are looking at, with a cable or HDMI out from the hd-dvd.

xXbebofisherXx5793d ago

if its true or not microsoft has been in talks for an hdmi output and cable ever since december. they even subliminally annouced it at e3. and it doesnt bother me if i have to buy another 360 for the hdmi becuase i only paid uh nothing for my 360. so 2 360's for the price of one sounds cool to me. and yes most likly this is just a hoax to get us all happy and stuff, but who knows. this is something that has been talked about for months and it just might be coming true. i guess well find out whenever they actually "announce"" it or just say itll never happen.

Nodoze5793d ago

Now that the HDMI 1.3 spec is finalized (see articles on this site) it would make sense to see a connection on the 360.....with an internal HD-DVD drive. I think if MS makes a 3rd sku for a super premium Xbox it would be a stroke of pure genious! It would completely negate anything that Sony would be offering, and it would still be in line with the company message of giving gamers a choice. Speaking of choice, I would love to see a black 360....MS please make it so!!

THELANDSOFSAND5793d ago (Edited 5793d ago )

you could spray your 360's casing with black paint

I think a 3rd, more expensive Super premium would upset a lot of people, not sell well and would look like MS were scared of PS3's HDMI tech. PR and promotions would have a big problem with this. and 3 SKUs...

I really think a cable or adaptor from the HD-DVD add-on is MS's solution to this...

DEIx15x85793d ago

Microsoft would never add a third sku with that set up. The whole point of two is that you can pay for how ever much you want and if you schoose just upgrade latter when you have the money. If they add a third one like that they would kill that theory since that is not something that could be upgraded to. It would follow Sony's theory of forcing people to buy the expensive model if they want anything good and then just advertising the cheap one to show that the price is low.

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