Halo ODST not working on some Xbox 360s

Quite a number of Halo ODST purchases are having problems with their discs.

Bungie's latest game, Halo 3: ODST, is causing problems with Xbox 360 gamers.

The disc is unreadable on a whole host of consoles, either skipping or presenting "the disc is unreadable" on-screen. This is despite the disc being completely new and pristine on closer inspection.

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James Bond4321d ago

Damn, before 360's ruined discs after playing them, now it's before.

The-Warranty4320d ago

360 owners can't catch a break lol

beans4320d ago

"360 owners can't catch a break lol"

Yeah and it's sad this type of stuff get's you happy. I guess you could say the same about Sony owners but I guess there would be no fun in that right?

rockleex4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

But it is even SADDER that people keep knowingly support shoddy hardware.

Wouldn't you laugh at someone who keeps tripping over the same rock every single time?

He would be wiser to just avoid that rock altogether.

SevWolf4320d ago

@ rockleex: you're right the 360 is sort of shoddy hardware I agree, but at times one has to realize tha people bought the machine for the games, it's not their fault Microsoft is a horrible company, I bought my elite 360 around 6 months ago to go with my PS3 and black HDTV, and till now it has been performing great, hopefully no RRODs soon XD
On Topic: it's a bummer for those peole who don't have the game working, I bought it a few days before release(advantage of living in the middle east :D), and I can say I enjoyed the hell out of it, it was short, but very enjoyable and for a person like me who didn't buy halo 3 or its map packs it gave me the whole deal :)

4320d ago
SevWolf4320d ago

@ totalPS3fanboy: let me correct that..54.2% of the GI readers are taking a break :P

edgeofblade4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

That's right. A poll... on the internet... about Halo is going to be unbiased.


@rockleex: What if you tripped over the same rock over and over but someone came over and paid you for tripping over it each time, all while apologizing...

beans4320d ago

You can't blame people for being unaware. I can see him making fun of MS but not people that just want to enjoy there games.

"Wouldn't you laugh at someone who keeps tripping over the same rock every single time?"

Yeah if they kept doing it but if they didn't know it was there I would feel bad. This is all MS and has nothing to do with anyone else. I still can't believe there hasn't been a recall to be honest.

4Sh0w4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

well I briefly read some comments seems, its seems to be only a few folks having problems with many users posting/conversating about what happened, and some of them posted on the 22nd are now their gamertag shows them playing today. I dont see anything to make it seem like this is widesrpead.

come on guys theres no reason to celebrate any gamers frustration, especially when freezes, errors etc happen occassionaly on both ps3 and 360.

rockleex4320d ago

They don't pay you. They just take care of your rock-related injuries for free... for three years.

But why trip over it to begin with? Why not save yourself the trouble after you have learned how risky that rock is?


Exactly. I feel bad for the uninformed people who honestly didn't know how widespread RROD and other 360 issues are.

But after multiple times, they only have themselves to blame.

But then again, its their choice to trip over the same rock again and again. Me I'd rather choose the path where I get all my gaming needs, without having to endure any pain.

I can only say to the brave ones fighting a daily battle, have a nice trip... see you next fall. :P

edgeofblade4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Actually, a "recall" would be counter-intuitive.

If Microsoft recalled ALL the millions of 360s that were sold, how long do you think it would take for them to get back to their owners. Plus, contrary to what some snarky fanboys say, there is no immediate danger from fire/lead paint/melamine/hair trigger air bags... you know, the reasons there is usually a recall.

A recall is the knee-jerk reaction, but not the best one. What MS needs to do is fix the issue going forward. And sadly they have problems even doing THAT.


If Microsoft were to refuse to fix my Xbox, that would be the LAST time I have to learn that lesson. But they have repaired it for all three RRoDs I experienced. Yeah, I'm out for a week or two, but then I go play my PS3.

See, I'm a realist, not a flaming fanboy. I can control my temper when something breaks on me. I don't go off half c0cked because little-ole Microsoft made a faulty system. I simply expect them to fix it. And they do. All I ask is that THEY learn THEIR lesson next time THEY make a console.

HolyOrangeCows4320d ago

If they didn't send out what they knew to be faulty, or recalled them within the first year, they might not have had such a problem.

artsaber4320d ago

But they decided to go ahead with the current broken faulty design in order to rush out the console.

Microsoft sacrificed the quality of YOUR 360 console build for money in their pockets. It didn't work out as well as they thought it would, hence the 3 year Billions of dollar warranty.

Rockleex has made some excellent points, but he may fail to understand that 360 fans love the feeling of broken feet due to rocks... while Microsoft screams at its customers to run as fast as they can!

Rock Tripping Achievement - Unlocked
Broken Ankles Achievement - Unlocked
Loyal Gimp Achievement - Unlocked

rockleex4320d ago

I know full well that you're fine with that.

But I know there are a lot of gamers who aren't satisfied by the way Microsoft handled it.

Consider one of my friends, he's super pissed that he can't play ODST because his 360 is no longer covered by the warranty.

Halo3 MLG Pro4320d ago

Another Halo article with tons of jealous sony fanboys trolling around. Just another day at N4G. :/

4320d ago
JsonHenry4320d ago

I love my 360, but after the first three Halo games I just am not gonna buy into the hype anymore. No matter what I do, and I sound like a broken record here, just feel that Halo is MEDIOCRE.

The multiplayer is not even fun to me. I might as well go play Unreal Tournament. However, EVERYONE else I know loves the games. So maybe there is just something wrong with me, and not the game?

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40cal4321d ago

I remember that something like this happened with the launch of Halo 3. Sucks to buy a new game, get home, and not be able to play it.

techie4320d ago

Happened to me with older PS2 games on my launch PS2. Just used a laser disc cleaner.

PtRoLLFacE4321d ago

first! is not bungie fault is fuking ms with their faulty hardware bungie is one the best developers out there, the game dvd is the same and it works for like 99% of the people who bought the game, is just the 360 suks some times

techie4321d ago

You're not first, you're third...

Komega4321d ago

bummer for those 360 owners that got hit by this:(

IaMs124320d ago

lol WOW you got disagrees. It is truely sad that people are happy about this. We dont know if its the 360 or the game itself. Its like any computer system out there, it runs fine on my Vista machine but wont work on my friends. Still its sad, WOW seriously people why, now if this happens to UC2 i will laugh my freaking A**Off just for your own taste of medicine. Not saying i want it too though

CurlUpAndDie4320d ago

thank god i wasn't one of them.

itchy184320d ago

i really like your avatar. that's from what movie?