Nintendo ZINGS Sony PSP advertisment

Sony's racy (racial?) new PSP ad has caused quite a stir. Thanks to Ctrl+Alt+Del's Tim Buckley, we now have a good idea what Nintendo would have done if given the same billboard.

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Say's you5793d ago

Is complaining about that being racist people in America can just tare out there balls and d1ck off cause they are so retarded in so many way's they say Sony is being racist look what there doing they'er picking on the Japanese thier the one that is truly being racist jackass! morons!.

Marriot VP5793d ago

lol, can you get anymore retarded. The 360's white so it's racist??? I guess we can't make anything that's colors are brown, white, black, or red right, you douche bag.

How stupid can you be. Look at the advertisement. It clearly shows white supressing black, which is a no-no.

PS360PCROCKS5793d ago (Edited 5793d ago )

WTF are you talking about? "Tare out there balls and d1ck cause they are so retarded" and comparing the color of a console as being racist, seriously WTF? The first Xbox was Black you moronic buffoon. If Microsoft and America is racist than Sony is racist against white people than right? Your head is so far up your fuc*ing ass it's not even funny, you ignorant Sony flameboy, you want to talk about being racist? You come from a country where you think your superior in every way, and you will only support your own products, you get all your money from little sweat shops that produce merchandise that you ship to all parts of the world, and your in love with naked little boys and children get beaten, and you genuinely think your better than people. Well here's the real world kid your NOT. It's sad if you hate a country, because that means you're obviously jealous, because anyone who can spend enough time to make geniune hate of a country is a total lame ass. I know your whole race all looks exactly the same but I sure hope they don't all think the same as you. Do us a favor and don't waste your time thinking about us because believe me we're not thinking about you. You can quit inhabiting all the chinese restaurants, liquor stores, and Disney Theme Parks, Grow up kid, your thinking is as narrow as your eyes

PS360PCROCKS5793d ago

Oh not to mention, this ad is racially diversive. The history of black culture went through many years of slavery under white american citizens so the fact that their is a white girl (in the original ad) holding a black woman by her face in a demeaning way is just wrong, it's offensive, I understand what their saying their is a struggle between black and white for the console, it's a good idea, but not the way they portrayed it, not with people and not holding the other one hostage basically, so many other things could have been used, but no matter which way you slice it, if white is beating out black, it's going to be considered racist.

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