Square-Enix: The Next Gaming Innovation Will Be Billing

Kotaku writes:

The next breakthrough in games will involve how you pay for what you play, the president of Square-Enix said today. Yoichi Wada made the declaration during the traditional state of the industry Tokyo Game Show kick-off panel here in Tokyo.

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Sarick3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

With the support they have for FF11 it's obvious they have a lot to learn. Before they step up to the soap box and talk about billing and services they should look at the services they already offer.

Getting my credit card to work with their system is a nightmare. No other company I've worked with has made it so difficult to pay for a service. When I had problems with their authentication system SE blamed my bank and refused to accept payment because their servers where not instantly authorized. Each attempt placed a $1 holding fee on my account access yet the server denied it. Attempts to update the info would auto fail if done within 30 min of each other.

Basically, if your card didn't authenticate the first time you'd need to wait 30 min (typing all the info over). If it failed again, wait another 30 min. If it failed 3 times in the same day it's force you to wait 24 hours to try again. This wasn't because my card or anything everyone I've talked to sister, other online friends had the same problems with their authentication servers. All they say is keep trying eventually it'll accept. >.<

It's a pain in the butt to update your credit info when your card is about to expire. It's a nightmare. The problem I mention isn't rare either it's about 80% chance that it'll fail each time I tried it. It took me 3 days and a lot of phone calls till the server accept my cards. I assume I got lucky because every time I had to update my account I'd have to do this same BS.

Recently they made it so PC users would require Verified by Visa or Secure card security compatible card to authenticate the account on the playonline software. Apparently, they changed the no payments over the phone but still the support number was 24/7 and a toll call. This makes the customers go through hoops to get things working.

It's obvious if a company speaks out about billing they shouldn't have a billing system that makes it difficult for customers to pay for services. I think SE needs to learn how to deal with their customers first before they make comments on how they'll innovate billing. Based on FF11's payment problems they're not up to the standard of other paid services.

I hope problems like this don't happen in Final Fantasy 14..