Wii technology used in brain rehabilitation

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is the first in North America to use the Wii technology to treat patients with movement and balance issues. Patients like Liaw, 34, have progressed from their wheelchairs, unable to bend at the waist or pick up things from the floor, to stand and play in front of a TV screen, swinging a virtual golf stick, scoring a virtual bowling strike or knocking out an opponent in a boxing match.

Dr. Grigore Burdea, a world leader in computer-based virtual reality techniques in rehabilitation therapies, said in five years, he believes every hospital and rehab clinic will have embraced the gaming technology for their patients.

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sumfood4u4484d ago

Especially when Game systems can come together, an help Real life people out! Wii works on Rehabs, PS3 is working on Cancer, now we need Xbox to hop on the Band~Wagon Help out Earthlings.Jack Thompson's nightmare is when Videogames do Positive things on Earth!