OXCGN TGS Announcements: Dead Rising 2 multiplayer Video

OXCGN writes:

With recent speculation that Dead Rising 2 would feature a multiplayer aspect, many fans of the original have been wondering how Capcom could possibly incorporate this feature into the highly anticipated sequel.

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GiantEnemyCrab4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

Why?? Why do developers feel compelled to shoe-horn crappy multiplayer into every game? This looks completely stupid. I thought Dead Rising was supposed to be scary, quirky Japanese flavor and have some tension.. Not screaming "USA! USA! USA! I'm a UFC testoroned 15 year old and I want to cut something up or beat someones azz!"

These new dev's are butchering the game.

Not only have you whored it to every platform, it looks like the game is missing all of its style from the original classic.. and it's still taking forever to get done. /rant

Immortal Kaim4885d ago

Sort of agree GEC. I don't like the WWE/UFC style of 'gameshow' they have chosen, if they are going to do a multiplayer element based off a gameshow, why not use one of the quirky Japanese styles of gameshow?

Still looking forward to it though.

XboxOZ3604885d ago

Agree, it's as if they have sold the whole idea of the game out in order to simply make it more appealing to the American gamer public. Sure, they do have a huge gamer share, but so does Europe, and if they even want to keep Japan onside, then they need to keep some flavour in the game/s from their country of origin.

Not my style of game, and I won't be getting this other than review code, thankfully.

swiftshot934885d ago

Can not wait for this awesome game. LP2 will be cool, but Capcom game this gen confirmed! The first was too awesome. Its still in my top 5 favorite 360 games!

Godem4885d ago

I hated Dead Rising 1, doubt ill get this one, but its nice to see that its not just a Single Player game anymore.

Gamer_Politics4885d ago

the first game was terrible in my opinion and really dont have any hope for this one.....

XboxOZ3604885d ago

Agreed, plus it's doubtful that'll now make it past the OFLC here in Australia. Way to go Capcom, make the game even more gory and make sure the board knocks it back - 10 points - not.

Blow Out Your Brains4885d ago

First one played like a last gen game. I wouldn't expect much more from this.

kingdavid4885d ago

Fail. It was one of the first 360 games released.

going from trailers, it definitely looks like a graphics upgrade and refinements in gameplay.

XboxOZ3604885d ago

You're right about that mate, it was one of the very first-gen releases for the 360, alongside COD2, which also looked a tad woahful actually, it wasn't until their second gen of games that many developers started to come to grips with things, and only now dev are just starting to work properly with the 360 as well as the PS3.

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